''Under whatever name you call Tlatlamacholo (the Perfect Being), we are all addressing the same Source.''


Gnosis:  (Greek γνώσις) knowledge.

[Gnosis] γνώσις is a Greek term denoting the study of oneself as the highest form of knowledge about Molimo (Unkulunkulu), Divinity (God) and the Abstract Solar System. 

When studied through our internal senses of Imagination Knowledge, Inspired Knowledge and Intuition Knowledge, [Gnosis] γνώσις can be customarily understood to be a state of self-awareness lived through conscious knowledge - - - it is a science of life that secretly illuminates the heart of anyone who verifies that the essence of man is light. Therefore, [Gnosis] cannot be learned intellectually or adopted as  a belief. Our soul cannot acquire essential values of Gnostic wisdom by religious association.  

So, in order to explain the many different levels of Gnostic wisdom, we often merit our introductory lectures based on the esoteric teachings of those who have achieved intimacy of unconditional love and perfect insight with their heart and mind - - these are the highest human beings such as Master Yeshua יהשוה (Je-sus, Iesus), Buddha Shakyamuni, Sri Lord Krishna, Mohammed  and many others

“Within Gnosis is found all of Ancient Wisdom.” 

- Samael Aun Weor

[...] Gnostic legacies of our great African heritage within the field of natural Science, Philosophy, Religion, and the Art of nature, were culturally demonized at the altar of missionaries for hundreds of years. The epitome of African spirituality and African gnostic education were relegated to the underclass of ''primitives,'' because the world from which Western missionaries came from did not consider African people as ''full humans''. Most of the alchemical secrets practiced by our African predecessors, whose divinity was strongly connected to the power of the natural world were systematically disavowed in order for the psychological landscape of Africans to can be colonized through indoctrination.


The natural aroma of Gnosis (self-knowledge) embedded within the secretive fabric of African spirituality disappeared entirely - - and a completely ''new'' God was presented to the African psyche that resembled very little of his indigenous wisdom that connected him to  Tlatlamacholo (the Perfect Being) - - whom they refereed to as [MOLIMO], among other esoteric names. The concept of [MOLIMO - pronounced:], as expressed by Basotho people, was always seen as a pervasive consciousness found within all of Nature’s realms. African spiritualists understood [MOLIMO] more as an all encompassing Source of life and a cosmic spiritual light (Leseli); as apposed to the emphasis on personal moral attributes placed by the colonial Christian God.  


''Gnosis (self-knowledge) is in every culture, every religion, and in every  spiritual practice that seeks to unite man with his particular Christic Solar Force. For this reason, [Gnosis] is not a religion but an esoteric path towards perfect realization of Christ Consciousness in you; [Gnosis] is at the very root of every human science, philosophy, religion and art.''   

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Motho ke Modimo 

''And Modimo (Jehovah Elohim) said: Let us become Motho (Man) in our own image after our likeness.'' 

Umuntu ungukulunkulu




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Short  Gnostic  Antidotes 

Scientific Chastity

True Chastity is formed in us when we uproot seeds of ego from the subconsciousness.


Meditation is, not meditation. To raise one's Level of Being  really is meditation.  

Secrets of Sex Life

An individual who knows how to love without desire is a perfect Child of God.

Never Mind!?

Gnosis does not benefit any one who has never lived it! 

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Gift of Light  

Light (Lesedi) at its most sacred and spiritual aspect is a source of life planted inside every living creature. The great perfection of any religious doctrine or spiritual wisdom found in this world, is the esoteric teaching about transmutation of darkness into Light. It is our cosmic destiny to become the Light that we seek. In the Gnostic tradition this Light is referred to as Christ. 


All manifested phenomenal and numinous things are derivatives of Christ, who is a lite-less Light of existence - - - for without Light was not anything made that could be made phenomenal and numinous.


Light is what gives direct perception of the true Self. The king of all spiritual education is to know the intimacy of Christic Light as the true flow of Life within our Soul. The purest form of knowledge is the intimacy of Christ, and for this, we testify that it is the most secret of all secrets.


Christ as consciousness, gives direct perception of one's divinity through Self-realization. When any living entity sees and understands the true nature of Light, in a twinkle of the inner eye, it intuitively attains perfection of every religion practiced on earth. In an instant, it manifests the will of the Absolute on earth; it becomes the very intimate light which it sees. 


In this New Course you will learn how to cultivate the Gift of Light in all its transcendental aspects; everlasting and joyfully performed both in happiness and distress. Light is a gift to all who will but see it. One who sees Christ in everything becomes free from all material contamination. 

What is LIGHT?

Quotes of the Week

''From the days of John the Baptist (i.e.o.u.a.m.s) until now, the kingdom of heaven (in Malkuth - Physical body) suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force (energy).'' 

Energy is moved by the enegetic with the instrument of thought, emotion and will - - - because energy flows to where the attention goes.

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''In all books of ancient times, the Secret path is cited. This path is quoted and mentioned in many verses, yet people do not know it.''
- (The Three Mountains: Master Samael, ''Forward to the Reader'')