Dear reader, these esoteric articles are written for the few; because, as V. M. stated in his teachings, most people neither accept or understand, or want to learn about the spiritual aspect of sexual transformation. I have compiled these short messages to be a brief preface of the much deeper and expansive teaching concerning the practice of Alchemy in our life. 


These short articles are not to be used for curiosity or be stored for intellectual information. Christ and Sex are the highest and ultimate synthesis of all religion.

So, in order to discover the deeper esoteric aspect of sexual realities, we must first educate ourselves about the higher levels of energy relating to sex and divinity. 


Here is a short presentation of some interesting esoteric details regarding sex for couples. I hope they will be a psychological seed from which your understanding and practice of Perfect Matrimony as a couple is rooted.  

Sexual Energy is a (Seven-Fold) Substance

Sex has a seven-fold creative scope, of which many are not aware of. Sex is never complete if we only consider the physical aspect of it. A more complete map of sex is to see it as seven-fold layer of energy and consciousness.

And unto this people thou shalt say, Thus saith Jah-Chavah; Behold, I set (in Yesod-Sex) before you the way of (the tree of) life (Otz Chaim), and the way of death (Klipoth). - Jeremiah 21: 8

Sexual energy has seven dimension starting from the physical dimensions, extending into the spiritual.

Seven Bodies

Physical body (organic life energy)-

- Vital body (etheric life energy)-

- Astral body (emotional or desire life energy)-

- Mental body (thought life energy)-

- Causal body (energy of the will-power)-

- Consciousness body (energy of superlative self-awareness)-

- Spirit body (energy of our Being, Innermost, Modimo)- 



The creative power of sexual energy extends even beyond the spiritual dimensions. But this teaching is usually ignored by the common view of society which only uses sex in the physical aspect, in the dimension of material nature.

When we only view sex in the material aspect we create what is called the "I", we live in lust of the ego. In other words, when we use sex to materialize our sensations, we deny the divine nature of its sexual dimension, which is the realm of God. Meaning, we separate ourselves sexually from uNkulunkulu, Modimo. 

Therefore, we need to understand some very critical points when it comes to sexual existence. If sex is a multi-level energy source, then it is obvious that its ramifications and consequences are also manifested as a multi-level energy system.


The manner in which we use sexual energy in the physical world affects the spiritual realization of our Being in the higher spiritual dimensions. These dimensions are very subtle and non-physical; that is why many people ignore them.


In other words, the misuse of sexual energy through lust and fornication affects the flow of energy in our emotions, our mind, our will, our consciousness and our spirit. So, lust and promiscuity damages our internal bodies in the higher levels of energy or planes of existence. When we suffer from lust we can not meditate, thus, we will not expereince true knowledge and 


So, we have to comprehend right from the beginning that the true value of sex-life only appears when all the seven planes are united between husband and wife.


In Gnosis this level of unity is called "Perfect Matrimony". To get to this level requires time and tremendous harmony between the two individuals - - - thus fidelity and chastity is needed.   

Part 01

Esoteric Science of Sex

Part 02

Sexual Karma
Between Couples

Couples must come to understand that whenever a sexual union takes place, subtle  karmic link is always established. This is also known as "Course a rapport" between them. 


The substance of sexual fire unites everything, internal and external, superior and inferior, pure and impure. Sexual fire is a unifying element in creature and nature. With sex, the two physical bodies are linked, as well as their auras, and all the etheric bodies that we have mentioned in Part 01.

In the case of two people who also develop their love for each other, there is a sexual sympathy that also takes place, even when there is no physical sexual union. 
 Their auras (Vital bodies) are able, by virtue of their internal sympathy of love, unite and form a single auric shell. This is the origin of what is called ‘ALchemy'.

This is why we have always observed between two married people who love each other, and who live together for many years, tend to start to "look alike". They actually become one-person in the etheric field. (How wonderful love is.)





If there is no vibratory affinity between two people the two auras of man and woman will not mingle and form into one light f creation. For example, when we sit next to any person in a public space, because there is no vibratory affinity the auras don't mingle and all is normal - business as usual.


However, the physical auras of a couple in a sexual act not only unite, but also, the psychological environments of both individuals unite. In that union of the two psychological environments an exchange of psychological influences takes place. 


It is then by virtue of these psychological influences that a karmic link is created and a spiritual operation takes place. If we act upon those psychological interests, or likes, which in most cases are conditioned by our personality and ego, then tendencies that we are exposed to in other psychological environment joins with our partner's field, and through sexual energy we create a new mechanical ego related to sex.


Take for example of a man who enjoys an environment charged with lustful conversations shared between men with similar appetites. He then returns to his spouse to try and impregnate her psychological field with those impressions of an animal nature. A karmic link is then created in the field of the woman who opens herself to those psychological devolving atoms carried by her spouse. The same happens visa-versa. 


During the sexual act, we add new karmic sexual values and new karmic sexual egos that we have created sexually together as husband and wife onto the scale of  consciousness. It is for this reason that people have many "Personalities", "I", "Me", "Myself" living in their inner city. We are not one person, but many people inside. V.M Samael states that the "I" is pluralized in each person. The "I" is a head of a legion.


Those psychological influences stay in our psyche for a while, they dissipate over time, but none the less they collect there, and if a person has had many sexual partners, it becomes obvious that there will be many psychological influences to fight against in their spiritual work. 

Take into account that true spiritual work is the transformation of our psychology, so if we have many psychological influences, then, in our spiritual path we will encounter all of those psychological influences we have created sexual due to lust and ignorance. 

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Part 03

Sexual Forces During Sex

Sex is a Practice of Spiritual Synthesis 

In the path of spiritual realization, there is only one thing we should pursue, one goal, one objective: Christification. Christ is a universal cosmic force and an impersonal principle which must be assimilated by each person through Perfect Matrimony.


When a sexual connection is made between two husband and wife all creative forces encircle that couple in order to create something new - - - the subtle forces of man and woman rush together creating a vortex or mini twister: and this is where life comes from. All levels of life originate from a sexual union. 


If that sexual creative energy of a couple is not lost, then a vortex can grow from physical energy into spiritual energy. As this union is nourished little by little, the sexual vortex can obviously extend as far up and internally, deep into the Tree of Life


If a couple love each other and, and truly partake in this esoteric endeavor of alchemical work, they will be united on all seven planes, i.e. physicality, vitality, emotional, mental, will, consciousness and spirit. Their vortex will extend all the way up into the Superior dimensions of their Being; nourishing and transforming their Being internally. This will happen every time the couple unite sexually on the physical level. It is a state of conscious-love know as "The Path of Great Bliss."

"According to Yogic science, semen exists in a subtle form throughout the whole body. It is found in subtle states in all the cells of the body. [This sexual energy] is withdrawn into gross form in the sexual organ under the influence of the sexual will and sexual excitement." - Swami Sivananda

If a couple's sexual union is experienced only in relation to their material body, that is to say, if they are only attracted to each other physically through sensuality or sensual perception, then their sexual vortex will remain hovering around their physical body. It will not extend to higher dimensions of consciousness, which we have already mentioned in Part 01.


When it comes to sexual energy, we must always remember that energy flows to where the attention goes. We direct energy by where our internal psychological state exist. If our psychology is materialistic, then it is obvious that the nature of our sexual energy will similarly impregnate everything for materialistic gratification.  


In reality what happens in the above type of union is that the egos become active, those active egoes then drag (or hypnotize) sexual vortex into the subconscious where it feeds subconscious elements, activating deeper subconsciousness and setting in place causes for further repetitions of this type of union. 

This course is available for those students who wish to advance their internal work. It is advisable for anyone who enrolls in this class to first study our            Introductory Lectures.