Vision of God - (3001)

Do you know the vision of God that you have?


Your own vision of God is actually something important you know. 


You really must know it, and know it in depth...


Real Value

It actually has a real value. To repeat, the vision of God that you carry inside of you has a real value.


Why you may ask. It is because this value creates a perspective (certain outlook) within you. This perspective then has a large influence in the way you take and respond to the events of life.


Your own vision of God sits as a backdrop in your psyche, forming a support upon which many psychological processes unfold.


Your vision of God influences your thoughts, your emotions and your actions.


Many Visions of God

There are really many visions of God. Actually there are as many different visions of God as there are people.


There are vast and infinite visions, there are narrower and more human visions, there are low visions and there visions of nothing.


There are visions tinged with pain and bitterness even hatred, and there are visions filled with awe, veneration and love.


Religion and the Vision of God

"A religion is only as great as its vision of God..."


Gnosis has an infinitely vast and ample vision of God. One that can never be embraced fully but one that will always leave one in total awe. Therefore the appreciation, veneration, love will never expire in the essence...


Vision Determines Feeling

Sometimes students say they feel nothing at all towards their Divinity (Real Being). This "not feeling anything" has a lot to do with their particular vision...


I asked a person living on the street once about God and he replied "#$%^ God, He never did anything for me, why should I @#%& care". 


Really though, as the Master once commented, this man living on the street really loves God, but his love that he once felt for God has inverted into hatred, and before the Absolute - the Great Oneness which is beyond relativity and duality, this hatred is the same as love.


If your vision of God is that He is a servant to you, well then you will always be proud and bitter and never in awe. You will never humble yourself in awe before God and neither will you happily work to serve God.


A God that is infinite, vast and powerful and one that we are all within, is getting closer to the appropriate vision, one that Gnosis itself supports. As this makes God infinite yet there is still much possibility that the human being can approach this mystery with more and more acquaintance - step by step.


End (3001).

Sacred Sites and Temples Post Series – (2636)

Cosmic Life

At a glance, this topic appears to be one that touches upon an aspect of cosmic life.


It appears that each religion at least on the planet Earth has at least one sacred site. It also appears that each religion also has its sacred buildings (temples).


Gnosis teaches us that we too have a sacred building – our very own heart temple.


The axiom: “as above, so below” rings true in relation to “sacred sites and temples”.


As there are sacred sites and temples on the face of the Earth (macrocosmos) there are also sacred sites and temples in the microcosmos (man).


End (2636).

One Way Better than Another – (1093)

Problems Amongst Religions

The main cause behind the conflicts between peoples belonging to the different religions is that the people usually believe the religion to which they belong to is in fact the best religion.


We all believe that we each belong to the best spiritual doctrine or faith, others that do not belong to the same faith must be converted so to be saved just like they believe they will be. This way of thinking is really dangerous and this is what causes all the problems.


Owing to this way of thinking the faith that believes itself to be the best begins to impose its beliefs on those who are not of the same faith. As soon as that happens, respect for the other faiths is lost. Once respect disappears the doors to all kinds of conflicts open.


A Problem Everywhere

This issue of one way being better than the rest causes problems everywhere and the natural result is the promotion of one way over the other which can be promoted subtly or by imposition.


A Beautiful Quote Addressing this Point

“I have known the mystical way:

            The heart, feelings, sensations, love.

I have known the spiritual way:

            Study and knowledge.

I have also followed the way of concrete realization

           Through work and exercise of the will.

I have tried these three ways one after the other,

          and in each I have achieved results.

And yet, I do not want to follow one or the other: I want all three.”


End (1093).

The Time of Science and Knowledge - (523)

Ways of Mysticism and Religion

The ways of mysticism and religion are helpful, useful and necessary in our spiritual work. They can not ever be put aside, though it seems that something is changing or has changed… It seems that there has been a shift in what is now more helpful in our spiritual work.


Now it seems knowledge is leading the way in being more helpful in our spiritual work. If I look back over the times, it seems that with the coming of ‘the Fifth of the Seven’ – Master Samael, the times of spirituality changed their dynamic from a predominantly mystical tendency to a knowledge based tendency. This is because Maser Samael came and unveiled with so much clarity, conscious and knowledge the spiritual way.



Tendency of Life

If we look at life we see that science, technology and knowledge are more prevalent than ever. IT really seems that now the era of knowledge has dawned upon us and Master Samael inaugurated it. He brought knowledge to throw down the old structure and teach us basically the wise and revolutionary action of the sexual centre - Transmutation.


The influence and prevalence of mysticism as it was in the middle ages and the medieval times has really dwindled. Especially the suffering, infliction and torture of oneself that was always associated with the mysticism of those times are now over. The suffering without knowledge seems to be over now.



Possible Salvation of Humanity through Science

If humanity is to have a chance at a revolution of consciousness it has to be through science now. If that apparatus that Master Samael spoke about, that can convert the waves of sound from the Akashic archives of nature into images would be invented and made available to humanity then that could provoke a revolution in humanity.


Humanity would be able to see the great Masters of the past as they really were and how they awoken their consciousness and dissolved their suffering and regenerated themselves through transmutation. Then humanity could change and a revolution be produced. It would of course such an enormous revolution that the powers that do not want this would rebel tremendously.



Knowledge is the last wave of help from the Absolute. Why? Because we are in the times of the end. Unfortunately this help of knowledge from the absolute is enters through the human egoic mind and that mind diverts it into matter.



End (523).

Mother Nature and Technology - (3881)

There is that axiom that says as above so below. 


If something is not in the superior worlds there is no way it can come down to appear here on Earth. Things must be in the superior worlds first of all.


Imagine that all these inventions that make their way into our life in the form of new technology are the things that already exist in the superior worlds. 


Even if the exact gadgets that we have here don't exist up there the principles and laws that make them possible most certainly do. Things have a spiritual and a physical part to them. Up there we have the spiritual counter part actively functioning and down here we have the physical part of it functioning.


Imagine that all these scientists and engineers, some of them, not all of them were initiates in the past and that from those times remain in the depths of their consciousness recollections of times of when humanity had access to the knowledge that made all that we have now in the way of technology and much more available.


Master Samael says that when humanity grows restless She - Mother Nature provides it with toys. That is, certain inventions that fascinate and distract human beings, keeping their attention away from their woes and the those of the world. Thus pacifying them, lulling them nicely to sleep where they are easier to deal with.


There are still many more inventions Master Samael says yet to be made. Especially that special kind of TV that converts sound into images that will be powerful enough to convert the memories of nature stored as sound into images for all humanity to see. That will be devastating for the conventional materialistic based world system of religion and science. 


End (3881).

True Human Kindness - (3117)

An act to truly help another despite, rules, norms, colour, race, religion truly touches the heart so powerfully, so intensely yet it is the tenderest of all things...


Maybe it is the feeling of this tenderness that moves the heart so... 


Gratitude for an act of true human kindness is so very powerful. This gratitude has then the power to totally transform a life.


Such acts of true human kindness are never really forgotten.


Behind every great man and great woman there has been an act or several acts of true human kindness.

There are opportunities in our life to give of the pure kindness dwelling in our heart, though the rules, the factions, the loyalties, the fear in one's own mind just stop it all. 


But just remember, one act of our true human kindness has such a power to transform a life. 


If the kindness be truly true the tenderness of such kindness is perceived by the other and that true tenderness works in the receiver to not harm the giver. Perhaps not straight away but it will take effect.


End (3177).