Religion is written to reveal the gospel of truth within every human soul. SO truly, religion is a spiritual system that allows the soul to experience unity with its own divinity. 

It is for this reason we can also state that religion is impermanent, but the truth which it seeks to reveal, which is the Cosmic Christ, is limitless. Every religion in the world represents different aspects of the soul.

The real aim of religion has always been to provide the Human Soul with knowledge and teachings for the full development of its spiritual potential, or internal archetypes related to the Absolute Being.  In other words, religion in and of itself is not the goal of our spiritual work, but rather, it serves as a mirror, for the soul to see its internal states of spiritual development. 


Religion is a metaphorical finger that points to realms of consciousness within. The divine spark described in every teaching lies within everyone, it is this divine spark that we need to develop everyday.


When the real aim of religion is understood, it tends to become a tangible space for the soul to practice realization of the Being in a very intimate way.  Religion really teaches about the "Doctrine of the Heart". There is a difference between the "Doctrine of the Eye," and the "Doctrine of the Heart".

The "Doctrine of the Heart" is originated by one's internal experiences of the Being, whereas, the "Doctrine of the Eye" is filled with many theories, concepts, and beliefs. Religion is therefore the real experience of God inside of your, in your everyday life. Thus it is more of a path than a adopted faith.


"He who does not make his worship manifest, has no religion." - Elphais Levi  

When we follow others, or try to become like someone else, or imitate the spiritual personality of a master, preacher, teacher etc., we actually lose a very profound delicate energy of our Intimate Christ. In that way, religion is a personal form of understanding the universal principle of Christification or Buddha-hood or Ubuntu. 

Pain is the Non-religious Teacher that takes us to the Real Religion

The painful experiences we usually go through in life serve as our teacher and guru. Pain is a  universal teacher. It teaches us introspection. This is because there is no pain that comes from the outside. 

When the Essence (Soul) has abused the free will of God, pain comes into our life to teach us about what we have forgotten. Pain shows us where the psyche is conditioned by illusion of separation from the Being. As long as we feel separated from God, who is the true Being in us, we will experience pain and suffering.

Pain comes in varying depths, for different reasons. Every pain that we feel on the inside as a result of external circumstances is a clear indication the the Essence has not fully integrated with the Being. It is for this reason that religious work has some form of pain associated with it. 


When ego dies in us, we experience that death very deeply, because ego is a part of us that traps the Essence in a cage.   

Self-Remembering Your Friend, God.

Self-remembering our Being, which is God, is a truly a mystical way of practicing religion. Religion is a word associated with Regeneration of the psyche. 

The word Religion comes from (Latin: Religare): which means "to-reunite again", or "to regenerate again" through the way, or the internal path of the Cosmic Christ. When we remember God in everything we do, then we are performing our religion diligently.  We are reuniting "re-membering" with our true Being, which is God.

Dikr Allah (Sufi Self-Remembering)

The following text comes from a documentary made by a Gnostic institution that provides a beautiful description of how self-remembering (Religare) is practiced among the members of a Sufi Brotherhood in central Asia. 

The Teaching about self-remembering were found by Gurdjeff in certain Sufi Brotherhoods that exist in remote areas of Central Asia. The thirst for knowledge, Gurdjeff reached these brotherhoods and there, he learned the techniques of self-remembering. He also learned breathing techniques, that combined with certain repetitive formulae or prayer, awakened the consciousness and developed emotional mysticsm, which takes us to the inner master. 

One of these secret schools that he contacted has its external representation in one of the chain Nasvaldi. The main practice of this order is the remembering of the Being – Dhikr Allah. Its practice combine breathing and the pronunciation of Allah – God's name.


This is the way they use to reach the divine presence.

1. Be conscious at every moment.

2. Do not allow anything to distract you, not even for a moment.

3. Be always present in every situation, regardless of how difficult it is.

4. Keep your attention ahead of you at every step you take.

5. You should long for freedom and never forget it.

6. Resist strange thoughts.

7. Keep your attention only on what you are doing, be it an internal or external activity.

8. Solitude among multitude, silence in rowdiness.

9. Keep your inner freedom, be detached from every external activity.

10. Learn how not to identify with anything else.

11. Travel home: remember that you are travelling from the world of forms, dream, towards the world of reality, the awakening.

12. Remember your friend, God [Modimo]. May the words of your mouth be the words of your heart. Be always conscious of the divine presence within you. Become used to feel the presence of your inner God [Modimo] in your heart.”

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