A Temple is where Macrocosmos

and Microcosmos Meet - (3042)

Any temple is a special place. Because every temple among so many other things is a place where the macrocosmos and the microcosmos intersect.


A human being - is a microcosmic center or energy that enters a temple where he or she hopes to meet something (light, peace, strength, inspiration) from above - that is something from the superior planes of consciousness - the macrocosmos.


A temple is a purposeful place built to serve a meeting point between the human and their greater Divine.


Each human being carries within a temple within their w heart and this too is a meeting place. Where the lower parts meet the higher parts. Where the essence goes to meet its mother, its spirit - its Father.


All temple no matter what religion, school, creed, faith serve as this meeting point.


End (3042).

No Evil without Pride - (2929)

What do you reckon about that statement: "no evil without pride"?


The way we can define evil is that of the direct opposite to the way Master Samael defines good, which is: "what is done by the consciousness and is in accordance with the law".


So evil can be defined as that: "which is done by the ego and is not in accordance with the law".


In pride there is always that rebellion against the Law.


In evil there is that inherent pride that feels more sophisticated, more astute, less average, less boring, more daring and special for having challenged society, religion and the universal good...


Wherever there is pride, there will be evil. 

















Pride is really a dangerous ego, to do any crime, pride has been there dismissing and disdaining the Universal Good, the Universal Right and the Universal Balance - which are all aspects of the Universal Law.


As the legend says wasn't the rebellion of Lucifer the one that caused the rise of Evil, the rise of the fallen?


In conclusion, we have to really work hard dying in pride...


End (2929).

Keeping Personality Passive – (2625)


Keeping our personality passive is best done when we know how to do it – of course – pretty obvious nothing new there! The thing is though that we mostly don’t know how to do it, but we really want to.

So then, to do it, we have to know when our personality is active. To know when it is active we must first of all know our personality.


Knowing when our personality is active is about knowing when what constitutes our personality is active. That is, if we know the characteristics and properties of the personality we can know when they are active in us, and then therefore we can know when the personality is active in us.


[Here are some psychological properties of the personality.]

Personality is Your:





*Social Class

*Marital Status






*Sympathy with personal likes and circumstances




*Personal likes and dislikes

*Human life matters


*Personal traits and characteristics

*Personal concepts and beliefs

*Personal ways and styles of doing things

*Rules to do with eating, dressing, behaving socially etc.



When Active

Typically, our personality is active when it seeks these things and or defends these things. An active personality mostly implies action.


An active personality either accepts or rejects, but is very seldom neutral.


An active personality is one which seeks out information and also seek to control events, people and circumstances so to assure its interests and likes are taken care of.



Once we know when the personality is active we can then make an effort to pacify it.


In order to pacify our personality it is necessary to see and think outside of the box of personality. 


Only with the esoteric teachings or the consciousness can we really think outside of the box of our personality.


End (2625).