Spiritual Lectures 

"To be in Gnosis is to be on a Path of the Being. Before this lifetime we were on the Path of our Being. And after this (life) we will continue on the esoteric Path of the Being."

"The Path of Gnosis leads only to one thing: the True Being, Modimo, Unkulunkulu, Ishvara."

"Modimo is the true value of life for those who are on the final Path of liberation. Modimo is the authentic formation and experience of our life."

"Gnosis eliminates the need to follow something external to our true Level of Being... Gnosis teaches us that religious symbols or archetypes are psychological values that correspond intimately to our Level of Being in each and every moment, from instance to instance.

Thus, through direct experience, meaning Self-knowledge (Gnosis), we can be liberated inwardly  by the intimate truth we carry inside, instead of depending on externalized institutions or spiritual elite whom we must pay allegiance to outwardly." 

"Samsara is the Beginningless Wheel of Suffering."