WHEN WE DIE! - (1840)

The Art of Dying

There is an art to dying, that is an art to die both physically and psychologically. That art consists in making our death whether it be physical or psychological a beautiful one, a harmonious one and a happy one.


There are some people that know this art quite well and there are others that are yet to learn it.


In perfecting this art there are many things that can be done within and without.

Heart and Mind Like Crystal


When it is time to die physically the best thing for ourselves and others is to be like crystal. That is, be clear and transparent within and without.


For those Left Behind

Leaving one’s affairs hanging is not at all a good policy for those who are left behind. If our estate and affairs are left all clearly organized and distributed, all the better. This makes the circumstances and events that follow our death harmonious and smooth.


If one is transparent in organizing one’s affairs and estate, one avoids the problems of unfairness.


Unfairness is always the culprit behind family rifts, grudges, resentments and conflict. It is always the way, unfairness is what hurts and creates all the problems.


Sometimes things are unfair but the impact on others of these things being unfair is reduced when there is transparency.


To leave your affairs and estate all clearly assigned and done so in a transparent manner is an immense favour to those whom survive you!


If we want to keep our family together after our death do the above! Make your affairs clearly organized and the logic why they are organized that way transparent.

For Ourselves

In a way the same applies: heart and mind as clear and radiant as crystal shining in the sun.


Clear Mind

If we are clear in ourselves in relation to our debts we can be at peace. If we know what we have left in the way of debts we shine. We are prepared for our next life.


If we know how much of the ego we have left we are also clear in our mind. If we are awakened, that is the light predominates in our mind we are clear. If we know what happens after death, if we know we are the consciousness we are clear in our mind and our mind shines.


Clear Heart

If we have cleared the debts we had with others our heart is transparent and we are at peace. There is little karma and then there is little to worry us. What worries us is the unknown karma. The clearer we are about our karma the less we fear or worry.


If we have no regrets, no resentments, no hatred our heart is like crystal.


A Fearless Death

A fearless and a death with less worry is when we are in the knowledge that we have paid a lot of karma and we have done our best to pay it.



Master Samael said we have to know how to suffer. To make a lot of drama, exaggerate, scream and cry is not really the way. The pain maybe intense and so one has to know how to cry. Hysteria and drama is a sign that one does not know how to suffer as yet.


Death Bed

The death bed is a moment for profound life lessons to be apprehended! It is the moment where the eternal is opening and the consciousness is naturally realizing all that it has lived through in this life and the synthesis of one’s life appears and in the synthesis, are the lessons that were learnt or should have been learnt. The regrets are those lessons that were not learnt and the gratitude are things that were learnt.







If we can be there for a moment to hear some of these profound lessons from life, we maybe blessed.


End (1840).



The Art of Relationships

With every person we relate to, whether it be a friend, a family member, a student or otherwise there is always 'the particular' relationship implied. 


Each relationship is an Art. If we know how to paint we can make a work of Art out of a relationship. Whichever relationship that be. 


If we know how to live, how to suffer, how to die we can make our very own life a work of Art. Knowing this first teaches us how to make relationships a work of Art.


Everyone has their particular psychology and their particular psychology is different to ours. I mean that different to ours! To not see this is to be silly. We can see it but we also have to accept it. Accepting it is better than knowing it, because we can then live.


Everyone has a particular way that works best to get through to them... to talk to them to help them or lead them...or work with them or do this or that with them. 


We may like or not like their way but after all its the way of their nature. What can we do? Adapt ourselves, see what is good and true in that nature and maybe modify certain ways we take with them for the better or understand it, know it and use it to work with them? Or just reject it which may be right for us in some moments or in other moments very unwise, well we just have to see.


Gurdjieff called the fourth way the way of the cunning man.


Once M.M.M told me that the Christ is very astute in the sense that it knows the ways to catch essences for the light, what those ways may be, who knows, but that He knows and can employ a variety of means to bring essences to the light, perhaps ways above the relativity of good and evil. 


Jesus said in the gospels to be as wise as a serpent but as gentle as a dove. 


End (4126).