The Objective of Gnosis


The mission of Gnosticism in this age is to deliver the method and means for the work of the realization of the inner Man in each one of us; the attainment of this transcendental objective depends on our cooperation with the Being.


The divorce between science and art, philosophy and mysticism has provoked the deterioration of this generation. We don’t appreciate the poetry of nature, the harmony that emanates from the universe, and so human relations have become cold: our heart is unmoved by human suffering.

The Gnostic teachings are based on the communion between science, art, philosophy and mysticism; they seek to rescue the highest values of the human being in order to be able to comprehend that life is empty without the pursuit of transcendence and the self-realization of the Being.

This would not be possible without the development of superior emotion, which humanizes science, sublimates art, elevates philosophy and crystallizes mysticism.

Gnosis is the poetry of inner beauty, the rose of philosophy, the light of science and the mystical eternal spring.”

End (743)


Meditation is a Spiritual Art

There is a fine art in meditation which person who meditates has to get just right.


It is to combine relaxation and alertness to the right tincture. Just ever so to the right amount.


If something bothers you and you want to know and understand it, then meditate. Allow it to appear, see the thought of it or feel the emotion of it and sit with it. Perceive with your relaxed and calm alertness what for real it has to tell you.

Seeing for real what that emotion has to present you with is much better than narrating anything about it to ourselves or theorising something about it. 


This is the real which is what transforms us.

End (3863).