We Must Bring Our Whole Being Into It - (3426)

Concentrating on Being 

The Art of concentration is to be able to fully put ourselves naturally and spontaneously into something. 


The person who has developed that in him or herself can do some terrific things. 


Concentration starts with the mind then really takes off when our heart is poured into the issue.


The magic of concentration is that it brings ourselves part by part into what we are concentrating on. 


The deeper the concentration is the deeper and higher the parts of ourselves that are brought into focus. 


End (3426).

Some Cosmic Rays that Function Under the Direction of the Law - (969)


Ray of Death

The Ray of Death works under the law. The Ray of Politics is limited by the law. The ray of medicine in its application is curtailed by the law.



Each Ray Develops Freely

Each ray can unfold and develop freely and the ray of the law only intervenes when each ray begins to operate in ways that affect human beings.


Ray of Science

The ray of wisdom and science serve to reveal the Law. As the whole of creation and the cosmos have been moulded using laws and principles. The ray of science and wisdom is free to develop in its own right and in its function, it has to do with discovering the laws of creation and the cosmos and how they can be applied in creation.


Other Rays

The other rays such as art are quite independent of the law, the law only intervenes when art is to adversely affect the minds of human beings. Some other rays such as illumination and liberation only come into activity as directed by the Law.


For example, the ray of force only enters into full activity when directed by the Law. Force, death, politics, medicine etc. are very much so directed by the law in their action upon human beings.

For example, my marvellous missionary says that when a war is being prepared it lies in the hands of men and as soon as the war begins, the process of the war is handed over to the Gods, in other words in the hands of the Law, and it is precisely here that the Law allows or disallows the movement of the ray of force.


End (969).

An Adversary - (4110)

If we ever have an adversary, people polarize terribly, ill-will develops, and an enemy is created and we  go to war.


Wars, battles and fights are best solved by becoming one with your opponent. Bruce Lee said that. I like that and agree with him.


The whole art of fighting he says is becoming one with your opponent and he is right because that kills duality and duality is the cause of all conflict. This is the wise and intelligent, solar way of fighting.


So not to reject, but to study, to know, to be open to the opponent and see.


Be intelligent learn from the opponent and use the presence or scenario of the opponent to develop, strengthen, overcome weaknesses within yourself. 


As soon as we use an adversary, the adversary stops becoming an adversary for us and becomes a friend or a good situation instead, and the whole scenario is transformed or dissolves.


End (4110). 

Conscious Love Notes - (3840)

One of the three types of love Gnosis teaches about. First is sensorial love, second is emotional love and third is conscious love.


Conscious love is the most revered, the most respected and the most difficult.


There exist three types of marriages. Karmic, dharmic and cosmic or in other words: consciousness to consciousness.


The love that is difficult to describe is conscious love, Love of the Consciousness.


The love most often not liked or not seen as love is conscious love. Conscious love so elastic and flexible that one can not pin it down to be properly defined.

This is a kind of love that always seeks the benefit of the Essence and the Being in oneself and in others, but goes about it in no fixed way, given over to the urgency and opening presented in the moment.


Conscious love that is most visible in its results. In actions and in facts. It is a love that often is only recognized and appreciated afterwards. Sometimes years afterwards.


The way to get the result most beneficial for the Essence could be painful. Sometimes though it is not. Because a beautiful value of the Essence is transmitted and accepted. 


Anyway conscious love is not scared to use a way that is not always nice but the results are certain to always be a balm for the Essence. It is concerned with reality. 


It is not really about love stories, or about fairy tale journeys and endings, it is not really about romance, poetry, art etc.  It's beauty is in the beauty of the essence, of the soul and of course beyond that going, to the inner Being, the Divine Mother.


It is light and life to the essence but bitterness, disappointment and contradiction to the personality and mind. 


When both parties love consciously the pains of other types of love diminish and the there is freedom.


With conscious love the other is not the supplier of our love, of our joy, of our happiness, of our fulfillment... but what we have within us.


To love consciously, one must have a certain inner wealth.


Conscious Love is Law.

End (3840).