Master Samael stated that sexology can be studied from two different angles; one is the official point of view, as taught in the universities and faculties of medicine, and the other is from a Gnostic point of view, which means the latter is a form of knowledge related to one's consciousness. 


Gnosis is means 'Knowledge'; and the word appears in official scientific:  'Diagnosis, diagnostic...' - - so we can see that the etymology of field of Science is Gnosis 'Knowledge'.  

Art and Science are faculties of individual evolution, they symbolize the virtues of knowledge within a human's own discipline as an element of progress. Let us always understand that Gnosis is concerned with the internal development of our consciousness, and thus, we need to study ourselves very profoundly if we wish to know the secrets of God.   

The first thing we have to study as a fact of Science is our physical body - - for in that, we can unveil the mysteries of the universe from which we originate. 

Here is a short insert from Master Samael work.

Sexology, the Basis of Endocrinology and Criminology

Written by: Samael Aun Weor (1959)

Chapter: The Pineal Gland


The pineal gland is situated in the posterior part of the brain. This small gland is only five millimeters in diameter. A very important, fine, sand-like tissue surrounds it. The pineal gland is a small tissue of a red-grayish color.


This small gland is intimately related with the sexual organs. The pineal gland secretes certain hormones that regulate the whole process of evolution and the development of the sexual organs.


Conventional science assures that after these hormones have achieved their purpose, then this gland degenerates into a fibrous tissue. They state that after the total development of the sexual organs, the pineal gland is no longer capable of secreting any hormones.





This gland is the melatonin-secreting neuroendocrine organ containing light-sensitive cells that control the circadian rhythm (1). The diagram shows that nerve cells in the retinas of our eyes allow for light to be sensed. When there is light, the nerve cells in the retina then signal to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in the hypothalamus. The SCN is the ‘internal clock’ in mammals which blocks the signal to the pineal gland. The pineal gland then prevents the hormone melatonin from being secreted (2). 


It is for the reason Neuroscientist refer to the pineal gland as the "mind's eye" - - meaning the gland responds to light.  Another function of the pineal gland is the production of DMT [dimethyltryptamine], originally found in plants . This mental substance gives us an 'out of body' experience .

Descartes assured us that this gland is the “seat of the soul.” Asians assure us that this gland is a dormant “third eye.” When western medicine of the world discovered that this gland is only a red-grayish tissue situated in the posterior part of the brain, then it rejected the affirmation of Descartes and the Asians. It would have been better not to have created scientific dogmas and to have studied instead all the concepts in an eclectic and didactic form.


The yogis of India assure us that the pineal gland is the window of Brahma, the diamond eye, the polyvoyant eye, that through some special training gives us the perception of the ultra.


Western science should study these concepts of Asian yoga. Western science is not the whole science. It is urgent also to study Asian science. We need a complete, integral culture.

The microscope allows us to perceive objectively that which is infinitely small. The telescope allows us to see the infinitely grand. If the pineal gland allows us to see the ultra of all things, then we should study the Asian yoga and develop that wonderful gland.


The yogis of India have practices through which one can obtain a special superfunction of the pineal gland. Then we perceive the ultra. To deny this affirmation of Asian yoga is not scientific. It is necessary to study and analyze.


The Asian sages say that sexual potency depends on the potency of the pineal gland. Now we can explain to ourselves the scientific basis of chastity.


There is no doubt that all the great Biblical prophets were great pinealists. Scientific chastity combined with certain practices permitted them to see the ultra of nature.

Gnostics state that the atom of the Holy Spirit is found within the pineal gland. Biology is resolved to investigate all these things. There are scripture reference we can mention to explain this teaching, Matthew 6 verse 22: "The light of the internal] body is the [internal] eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.


The Asians affirmed that in the pineal gland is found the lotus flower of a thousand petals. There is no doubt that this is the crown of saints.

Here too, we are given an opportunity to study Science from a Gnostic point of view for ourselves.

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