Gift of Light

Meditation Practice


''In the beginning was the WORD (Vibration / Sound / Logoic Motion) and the WORD was with God [Modimo], and the WORD (Vibration / Sound / Logoic Motion) was God [Modimo]. The same was in the beginning with God. All things  were made by him (Logoic Motion); and without him (The WORD, Logos) was not any thing made (physical or spiritual) that was made (physical or spiritual). In him (The WORD, Logos) was life; and the life was the light (Christ particle) of men.'' - John 1 verse 1-4

Wherever there is motion there is Sound -- sound is a mantric creator of spiritual Light. (Thus it is stated: ''In the beginning Elohim (Modimo) said, Let there be light...'') Within every living thing a vibrational sound (or universal mantram) of light truly exists. In the mystery of Light we find the true meaning of life for every men. 


Sound (The Verb, Logos) and Light are truly incorruptible seeds hidden in the Essence [Motho, Umuntu]; this sound of light is indeed our true divine nature. It is more than obvious that our attention, spiritual focus and energy are cultivated values of the Being [Modimo, Unkulunkulu]. So, Sound (The Verb, Logos) and Light are certainly two sacred qualities of superlative consciousness vibrating inside every atom of our body, and upon which creation is also rooted.

In this Course, we learn how to vocalize (pronounce) and visualize (see) mantrams of Christ in the holy temple of our inner church. For Christ, (Umvelinqangi, Chenrezig, Avalokiteshvara), is not a person, but a cosmic Logos (spiritual sound) that enters creation in order to dissolve karmic consequences of our deluded mind.

How is space transformed into air? How is air transformed into fire? How is fire transformed into water? And how is water transformed into the nourishment of life? Through the alchemy of Light! Just as a Buddha can appear in each realm of existence, even in the lowest realms of hell, so too is Light inherent in different dimensions of existence - - even in our unbearable experiences of suffering. (Matthew 6 verse 23: ''But if thine (psychological) eye be evil, thy whole (spiritual) body shall be full of darkness (suffering). If therefore the light (Solar Christic force) that is (already) in thee be (turned into) darkness, how great is that darkness!'' 


Christ is the everlasting GIFT of Limitless Light that enters existence in order to correct every psychological defilement caused by the illusion of sin, created by our basic mind. This great mystery is emphasized in the secret teachings: "But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ."  - Ephesians 4 verse 7


Those who know the intimacy of their own Christic particle will surely live and walk, not according to the laws of darkness, but according to the true nature of Christ in them; and they shall fall into sin no more

What Does the Meditation Practice 
Aim to Teach?

''What  was  said  to  the  rose  that  made  it open  was  said  to  me  here  in  my  chest.''
-Jalaluddin Rumi

''A rose is, not a rose. Therefore it is a rose.'' 

When a Buddha looks at a rose he does not see a rose as we see it. He sees a liberated rose -- he sees an awakened rose, because he is an awakened Being. 

A rose seen by a Buddha, Jesus, Chenrezig, Muhammed, Krishna is a liberated rose in its truest nature; because it is seen through the eyes of a liberated soul. That is why it is stated ''Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.''

A rose seen by an enlightened Being does not take form in the shape of a flower as it appears to us. That rose seen through the eyes of Jesus is not a flower at all, it is a pure Being just like you -- because the virtue of Light is equal everywhere and in everything. 

Our aim in this Course is to open the eye of our heart, so that we can see the world through awareness of the Essence. V.M. Samael states that the Essence carries the superlative consciousness of individual Monad [Modimo].


"The invisible world can only be penetrated by the eye and mind of the heart. Indeed, the reality of this visible also can only be seen by the mind and eye of the heart." - Ibn 'Arabi

''A rose (is),

(not) a rose.

Therefore, it (is) a rose.'' 

''My true Self is a Chanting Rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.


As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.''

- The Chant of Solomon 2 verse 1 and 2 

When we work towards liberating our Being from mechanical practices of superficial values, dogmas and theories; everything we'll experience as a consequence of our liberation will become a wonderful presence, not as an illusion, but as an Immortal Imagination of Pure Being.  

Meaning, everything to us will become liberated because of our own internalized self-liberation. The Gift of Light Meditation Practice is an instrument we use to psychologically develop our internal bodies, so that the Being (Modimo, Unkulunkulu) can see the world, not through our subjective view, but through liberated eyes.

The Essence of every person is Light

Here is an excerpt from V.M. Samael:

1. "Darkness is in itself Father-Mother; the Light, their Son so says ancient wisdom." 


2. "Clearly, the Uncreated Light has an unknown origin, absolutely unknown to us." 


3. "We are in no manner exaggerating if we put emphasis on the idea that such origin is Darkness.


4. "We may speak now of the borrowed, cosmic, secondary light; obviously whatever its origin, and beautiful though it may be, it has at root, a transitory nature, illusory, of Maya."


5. "The ineffable Profound Darkness forms then the Eternal Womb, within which the origins of the light appear and disappear."


6. "It is said that the Absolute is darkness, from the darkness comes the light. The Uncreated Light of the Absolute comes from the profound darkness of the Great Night; from that darkness which does not have light springs forth the Uncreated Light. If we were to place ourselves there we would see nothing more than an abyss and profound darkness. For the inhabitants of the Absolute (the Paramarthasattyas, like Jesus and Buddha) however, that darkness is Uncreated Light, made neither by man nor by God, where reigns inexhaustible happiness, inconceivable joy."


7. "There exist tremendous geniuses of evil like Belial, Bael, Moloch, etc., terrible Masters."


8. "Knowing that the light comes from the darkness, they hurled themselves to the Abyss, even though knowing that they would involute. From the Abyss comes the Light, due to this we must descend to the darkness to destroy the “I”, Satan, so as to extract the light from the darkness."


9. "By means of the fire the Gods arise from the Abyss and become lost in the Absolute."


10. "Light and darkness are phenomena of the same Noumenon, unknown, profound, inconceivable to reason."


11. "That we may more or less perceive the light which shines in the darkness is something which depends upon our power of spiritual vision. The Absolute is profound darkness to the human eye; and Uncreated and terrible Light to the ineffable hierarchy of the Paramarthasattyas."


12. "That which for us is light, is darkness to certain insects; and the spiritual eye sees illumination where the normal eye only perceives darkness..."


13. "The universe submerged in the Pralaya [Cosmic Night] after the Mahamanvantara [Cosmic Day], dissolved in its primordial element, has no choice other than to rest in the profound darkness of infinite space."


14. "It is urgent to understand deeply the profound mystery of the chaotic darkness."


15. "The Cosmos comes from Chaos and from the darkness springs forth the Light; let us pray profoundly."

16. "In all of the sacred books of the world it is written with words of fire that the Chaos is the seedbed of the Cosmos."


Excerpt from the book: “Tarot and Kabbalah”, Chapter 51 by V.M Samael Aun Weor.

It is important to understand that one cannot see the light of their Being if they do not first incarnate the Initiate Christ within. Meaning, in order to see (perceive) the light of our Being, we must become Christed beings in the same manner that Yeshua, and Buddha did.

Master Samael stated: “No one can incarnate the Christ without being a Complete Man. No one is a Complete Man as long as one does not have his Soul incarnated. No one can incarnate his Soul as long as one has not engendered the Astral, Mental and Causal Solar Vehicles.” 


From the lecture, "The True Symbolism of Christmas" it is stated: “He [Jesus] is born in the stable [manger] of our own body, there inside [each person] we have the animals of inferior passions; he [Jesus] has to grow up, to unfold through the ascensions, the grades, to become a Man among Men, to take charge of all our mental, violative, sexual, emotional processes, etc, [...] He grows up as he eliminates within himself the undesirable elements that we carry inside.”

So, we must become of the same consciousness as that Light, which we refer to as Christ, that has remained in an uncreated state called "darkness" throughout the cosmos. Light emanates itself from darkness, this is true, even more so when we relate this to our particular psychological universe. 


Darkness emphatically symbolizes something unknown inside the constitutions of every person, spirit and Monad. Whenever something is unknown in us psychologically, our light is said to be undeveloped. But as soon as the unknown becomes known, then we shed light that transforms darkness [something unknown] into greater light [something comprehend].  


So then, let us profoundly comprehend that when we concentrate and carefully observe ourselves, we will see that, that which has come to be known is really the uncreated light renewing itself, and profoundly spreading out into all levels of existence - - fulfilling every principle of light as light becoming more light.


This is why it is stated in the secret teachings that: "In the beginning Elohim created that [unmanifested] light..."; which is to say, the previously uncreated light entered into existence in order to comprehend itself completely.


[To awaken the consciousness of light in us, is the reason creation unfolds repeatedly in all spheres of nature.]


That which appears to the mind as "darkness," is to the awake consciousness light of the Being. We must always remember that "darkness" of mind, does not and cannot comprehend the light of our Being.


Essentially, we can also state that there are two type of darkness: that of mindand the superior darkness of the Absolute [Abstract Space.] Darkness of the Absolute is in itself uncreated light, [unknowable light] - - however, our light cannot extend or penetrate deep enough to perceive that Absolute abstract darkness.  

Darkness of the Absolute, which is more of unknowable darkness, is certainly not the darkness of mind and hell or evil-will.