Never Mind! Be Mindful






(1) Gnosis is built upon a delicate state of meditation called Rapture or Ecstasy. To be raptured is simply an insightful way of saying one enters the bliss of union with the Divine.

(2) In order to advance along the path of self-realization of the Being, one must understand the two modes of mind within them:

      *Basic Mind - Characterized by temporary fluctuations, impermanence, many afflictions caused by craving and aversion.  

       *Primordial Awareness - This is a quality of mind that is devoid of fluctuations; it is ever-present; all goodness; our true nature.

(3) We all lose the natural attainment of Primordial Awareness because of a residue and affliction of our Basic Mind. One must therefore learn to kill the thing that destroys reality: this basic mind.

(4) Our minds correspond to the teachings differently according to the individual's level of understanding. Therefore one requires special insight in order to elaborate the path of self-realization pertaining to their psychological development.  

(5) One who sees through the veneer of their Basic Mind becomes fully awakened into the Absolute. This (humanity) is the veil of Isis that must be lifted up

(6) As long as the causes of suffering are still active in us we will continue to experience the effects of suffering. When the mind is dominated by afflictions like craving, fear, attachment, desire, and greed, etc., one's own mind will therefore not be able to experience the natural state of pure bliss.  

(7) In life we really do only see ourselves, and we encounter our own ideas and ignorance about ourselves. 

(8) The two qualities of Consciousness can be understood as such:


(9) When we meditate we activate these two qualities of consciousness (Concentration and Imagination). Thus, the essence (Soul) is capable to dwell in its natural state.

(10) Concentration (''Tranquil Abiding'') is a foundation for us to acquire Special Insight (Wisdom) into the nature of Reality. Through special insight of Wisdom, we are able to see things as they are.


(11) It is important for every Gnostic student to know how Concentration and Imagination are both cultivated during meditation. Concentration and Imagination relate to the two subtle training of one's Consciousness called:

      * Anapana - Observation of the natural breath

      * Vipashina - Special insight into the nature of reality.

(12) Through these two methods we train our mind to perceive ''Form'' according to the nature of ''Emptiness''. In understanding the true nature of ''things'' (physical ''things''; psychological ''things''; spiritual ''things'') we will see that every-thing is a ''Form'' of ''Emptiness''. Anicca.

As long as we are intimidated by any form of suffering indicates we still have not comprehended the Truth; that is to say, we have not realized Reality of the Absolute! 


1. Concentration


''Tranquil Abiding''

- Practice Anapana: Observation of the  natural coming and going of one's breath. Anapana develops concentration. 

2. Imagination


 ''Special Insight'' 

- Practice Vipashina: To see things as they are without obscuration. This practice develops insight / wisdom about the nature of reality.