We Say People Should Do This, People Should Do That .... REALITY SAYS THEY SHOULDN'T - (2200)

Truth is, It is Us That Should Do This and That

We usually enjoy telling people what they should do, and what they should not do in order to be happy or to avoid misery; and this is a projection of psychological expectations generated from our own ethics and philosophy which are not necessarily the ethics, considerations, views, values of others.


This we must understand. Saying others should do this and that, is actually not about them, but about us.


Saying that people should do this and that is about knowing ourselves via turning around what we say to ourselves; in other words we want to live intravenously through other peoples life experiences. This is what a "mob psychology" really is. The wanting of other to look, act, speak, think, and react like you. 



So, the truth is that we should do what we think is right and without inferring our philosophy towards the actions of others.


We need to understand that people will always do what they have inside of them to do. What is a reality to you may not necessarily be a reality for someone else; so we should only work to develop the ethics of our own psychology and respect the work of others in the same way we wish the same to be done for us.


End (2200).

Common Modern Tantra is Grey - (3937)

Nearly all of the tantra that is out there and available to people to learn about in workshops and retreats and things like that is grey.


Grey means they retain the sexual energy but then lose it at other times.


Of course there are degrees and degrees of grey. Some tones of grey tending to black and some tending to white.


The tantra that is popular everywhere is grey in the sense that they transmute the sexual energy but then they lose it or keep it. 

They have the tantric teachings as a base and also a certain wisdom and philosophy.


However, I don't fully trust their wisdom and philosophy as they do not talk about the dissolution of the "I", and the "I" knows no limits, it infiltrates everything even the sacred.


The "I's" of lust and fornication basically refine and morph themselves into the tantra suit.


They don't teach the initiatic path or the way to the Being.


If one has the teachings clear about the transmutation and the dissolution of the "I" one will detect where their wisdom and philosophy skews into the grey and into the esoteric unrealistic romantic and into the psychological needy.


End (3937).

Love Posts: How Could the Love of a Gnostic Be? - (3855)

The love that a genuine Gnostic person has to have some sort of description doesn't it? How accurate the description is, is another matter, but the point is the love a Gnostic has some kind of a sentiment, has some kind of: nature, expression, philosophy, guiding direction and characteristics etc. 


No way am I going to do a good job here, but I am just going to write something about it.


Universal and disinterested are two good words. With disinterested being the more important and practically useful word.


No doubt to have a love that is of these two words (Universal and Disinterested), implies a lot of psychological death.


The Gnostic would be very wise and watchful over his or her love, always making sure it is well directed and is serving the work, the Being, the path, the Great Cause (spiritual benefit for others).


A love that is universal and wide, that loves the stars, the oceans, the sky, the plants, the galaxies, the vast infinite, human beings, the earth, animals great and small, and above all, the Being and the Being of the Being!


All this talk of love is worse than useless, disappointing and shameful without the psychological death. So love for the Gnostic is the death of the ego!


The Gnostic would be alert to the movement towards the sensual and emotional love as he/she knows there is pain there. But if moved there, he/she knows work and transformation is a real, and is a law of the cosmos available to all who invoke it.


End (3855).