Antahkarana - Esoteric Term for the ‘Silver Cord’ – (2751)


Antahkarana is a Sanskrit word originating from two parts: Antar and karana. Where, antar means “interior” or “within” and karana means “sense organ” or “cause”. Overall antahkarana translates as the “the inner cause” or “internal organ”.


“In Indian philosophy and yoga, antahkarana refers to the internal organ that is the location or inner origin of thought and feeling.


It is defined as either the link between the body and the spirit or the bridge between the middle and higher mind. The term may also be defined as the source of thinking, or the mind, soul, heart or conscience.”



Essentially It Is

Essentially then the word antahkarana is a link between the body and our essence and the link between our essence and our will and mind.


The term antahkarana has a wider connotation than the word silver cord doesn’t it. Antahkarana implies the all the links that there are between our essence to other aspects or bodies that we have.


End (2751).

Gnostic Anthropology Series – Post 1: Proposal – (2612)


The proposal is to delve into the area of Gnostic Anthropology, and to present what is learnt in a series of posts. 


The reason to delve into a study of Gnostic Anthropology is because this area of study investigates the origin of man.

This area of the origin of man is one which concerns all of us, and it is one in which most of us are asleep.

As we awaken by areas, this is one area in which we can also awaken…







In fact I wish to show through some posts how the ideas and concepts of the origin of man have some really far reaching ramifications in science, religion, philosophy and more importantly our very own life.


End (2612).

Discipline of the Moment – (2301)

About the Moment

The following points are some expressions of the philosophy of the moment.


1.) The best plan is to pay attention to the moment. If you have to plan, don't plan to plan, go ahead and plan and be in the moment creating your plans.

2.) Reading your interior is the best book to read.

3.) Life is now, only ever now! It is not in the past nor in the future but now!

4.) The most important thing to do, is what you are doing now.

5.) Life is only lived and learned from intensely by being in the moment.

6.) The Being, the essence, the consciousness is felt in a moment. Not in the past or the future.

7.) To be in the moment is more worth­while than thinking or even reflecting on an ego or on the Being.

8.) Reality is always different to our mind and different to what is in our mind. Being in the moment is to be in reality and to take refuge in what is.

9.) The work is now!

10.) Every moment conceals a mystery that being in the moment we can unravel it.





Anchoring in the Now

Here some points that help a person to stay motivated to practice the discipline of the moment.

1. To be in the moment is to be more awake.

2. To be more awake is always better for us.

3. To be awake in the moment unifies the three brains in that moment.

4. To unify the three brains brings balance.

5. To be balanced is to prepare ourselves to give the right answer to life.

6. To give the right answer brings dharma to us.

7. To be in the moment allows us the chance to perceive the real and alive external and outer reality.

8. To be in the moment allows us the alertness to catch the ego.

9. To be in the moment gives us the chance to die in real time to the ego.

10. To be in the moment opens a door within our consciousness to perceive the urgencies stemming from within.

11. In the moment, with our consciousness active, our brains unified, our interior state balanced, we can produce our best.

12. The constant effort to be in the moment no matter what event and circumstance we find ourselves in, helps directly to awaken our consciousness.

End (2301).

The Mission of Our Inner Philip - (2235)

From Master Samael

“JUAN, ES EL VERBO, la Palabra; PABLO, representa la FILOSOFÍA, la GNOSIS, la SABIDURÍA; FELIPE tiene un Evangelio preciosísimo: El de las SALIDAS ASTRALES, el del DESPERTAR DE LA CONCIENCIA, el de los VIAJES EN ESTADO DE JINAS, el de la ALTA MAGIA práctica,”

“John, is the verb, the word; Paul, represents philosophy, Gnosis, wisdom; Philip has a precious gospel: that of astral travel, that of the awakening of consciousness, that of travels in the state of Jinas, that of high practical magic,”








We all have our inner Philip and the above are the aspects of His mission or function within us. Working on distrust cultivates or strengthens our inner Philip because trust and faith -  the fruit of working on distrust is the main elements needed to carry out the four aspects of Philip’s mission within us.

End (2235).


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