Love Chocolate but there’s not Much Prana in It - (1961)


What is the difference between chocolate and an apple?


An apple is an apple, is an apple, and nothing else. Foods that have prana [the energy of creation], are cannot be anything else either than what they already are. This is the difference between man made food in a factorsy and nature based. 








Prana In Foods

Using their system they found to my initial surprise that chocolate is very low in prana. They also said that red meat was not very high in prana as well. The foods that were highest in prana were fish, oysters, most seafood and most vegetables and fruit. With of course some vegetables and fruit being higher in prana than other types.


It seems that the foods lowest in prana are the ones that contribute more to easy putting on of weight?

It seems better to eat food higher in prana so to nourish the body with more prana.


End (1961).

Kalkian Personality - (1900)


Here are some excerpts from Master Samael’s book “The Revolution of the Dialectic”, on the Kalkian personality, that as Master Samael says is very common in these days of the Kali Yuga.


Origin - 

The Pseudo Esoteric Schools Come From…

“Well, if I mention all of these passages in a general manner, and experiments of magnetism, hypnology, catalepsy, Spiritism and fifty thousand things of the sort, it is with a single purpose: to make you see where the different schools of a pseudo esoteric and pseudo occultist type of this dark age of Kali Yuga came from.”


Dogma of Evolution at the Base of these Pseudo-Schools

“But, let us get to the bottom of this matter. What is the foundation of such schools? The Dogma of Evolution. Where did such touted dogma come from? From a Mr Darwin.


The concept about reincarnation which was created by pseudo esoteric organisations in the western world is false. Lord Krishna never said that all human beings reincarnated. He said that only the Buddhas, the Gods, the solar Heroes, had the right to reincarnation. The rest of us are subjected to the Law of the Eternal return of all things, that is clear.”


Result of the Pseudo-Esoteric Schools is the Kalkian Personality

“Well, the result of this species of morbidity, disseminated throughout the western world, from these schools of a subjective, incoherent, vague and indefinite type has been the Kalkian Personality, in other words, the personality that is characteristic of this Age of Kali Yuga.”


Characteristics of the Kalkian Personality - Disrespectful and Irreverent

“Kalkian personalities are disrespectful, irreverent. This type of personality from pseudo esoteric and pseudo occultist schools have lost, not only the sense of authentic devotion and of true religiosity but also that of veneration for the ancient Patriarchs. In this manner, humanity, having been able to be directed by truly wise religions, has degenerated in its ridiculous pedantry thus forming the kalkian personality.


It is convenient to know how to confront a kalkian personality with an authentically esoterist personality. What is the difference? The kalkian personality is full of pedantries, bottled up in the Dogma of Evolution, misinformed about the internal constitution of man, he ignores the tantric mysteries; he fears the development of the igneous Serpent in the spinal column, and besides, the fact of being stuffed with theories produces in him a feeling of self sufficiency.


Unquestionably, the kalkian personality is a victim of self-deceit. He believes that he has achieved everything when he has achieved nothing and what is worse is that he has lost the sense of veneration; he has forgotten the true and authentic religiosity; he has also lost humility before the Creating Logos. This is the kalkian personality.”



“Certainly, the characteristics of the kalkian personality are unmistakable; before everything else, the self sufficiency and the terrible pride and the frightening vanity based on theories. We see, for example, in the schools of psychoanalysis, parapsychology, etc., what terrible pride and self sufficiency seize those people with true kalkian personalities. They stand out not only in certain groups but they also appear on television, they appear in the press, on radio, and have the entire world completely poisoned with a type of vibrations which in esotericism is called veneniooskirian.

They have complete self sufficiency, they look at the people of the Middle Ages with disdain, they think that they are super civilised; they believe that they have arrived at the ne plus ultra of wisdom. Such is their pride that they plan to conquer the Infinite, outer Space, they laugh at what they consider to be superstitions of the medieval sages; there you have the subject with a kalkian personality.


And how does one make those kalkian personalities comprehend that they are mistaken?


It would not be sufficient to simply tell them for they will deny it, isn't that true? Since those kalkian personalities have mastery over reasoning and that is their combat weapon, their little battle horse, well, we have to lead them to comprehend what the reasoning process is.”


New Additions to the Kalkian Personality

Now days the Kalkian personality is mixing tantra and the new age philosophy and a new breed of Kalkian personality is emerging. But of course they do not really practice tantra they only talk about its principles so to give the loss of the sexual energy a more refined and spiritual appearance. This is afeature that did not exist in Master Samael's time but is present here and now in 2017.

End (1900).

Image by Alexandr Podvalny
Image by Timon Studler