Let's See By Example How the Essence is Conditioned - (1294)


Back again to the matter of how our essence gets conditioned by duality and relativity. Oh no you say - boring! I know, but I'm going to give examples this time, no more philosophy. 

You know, one thing about this is, that by knowing how the essence is conditioned we actually educate our free essence and the trapped essence about how that value or function of the essence is actually exercised correctly. By 'correctly' we mean consciously and in a way that is not karmic. 



Let's take our mate anger as our first customer. We know that anger contains the parts of our essence that manage force or carry out the function of managing the force inherent in our essence. The egos of anger that we have make bad use of our force, and subdue the parts of our Being that have to do with sweetness, tranquility etc.



Remember duality and relativity condition the value, and in the case of anger the value is force. Duality acts on force and produces the two, that is 'no use' or 'use'. However, we always know that anger never comes alone, it always always is invoked by another factor. It is invoked as a solution provider, a problem solver or a break through maker to help fulfil or protect a certain desire brought up by another ego. 


The duality to do with force actually has many versions. One version is that it is used, and a person raises their force, acts  aggressively or it is not used and the person says and does nothing. Another version is that force is used, either outwardly or inwardly. Another version still is that force is used positively or negatively.


Out of all of these versions the one that anger obeys is the positive or negative use of force. In each ego the value is always used, and the conditioning of duality is really about how it is used. So with anger, force is used on the destructive side both outwardly and inwardly.  




With relativity we have a reference point. And with every ego the reference point is not us nor is it inside of ourselves nor is it in our Being, it is actually outside of ourselves. Relativity causes us to perceive and process events and impressions and even think from a certain view point. The effect of relativity is produce a reference point.


Back to anger, the value of force is conditioned by duality and relativity to become force used on one side of duality and according to a reference point. We know the one side of duality that anger is polarised with is destructive use of force and the reference point that is used against the other person.


A situation may be harming us yes and we have our reference point in others we go against others. If we did not have the reference point of others in anger we would not go against anyone, we would have force but no where for it to go, and if it has no where for it to go it subsides by itself. 



The result of this conditioning of duality and relativity on our force is that our force is used destructively to solve problems by going against others. This is because the reference point is other people harming us.


That is magical trigger point or reference point of the ego of anger is where we perceive that another is harming us, whether it be physically, where it be taking our time, whether it be making us to pay more money, whether it be delaying us, whether it be constant disagreement etc.


The result of relativity conditioning our force means that we don't relate to well to our own force we tend to see it as a physical problem solver, rather than an internal force that we can channel or use to solve the problem within ourselves or outside ourselves in a constructive manner. For example, a good way of channelling force is to direct our force into our intelligence.



Let's take another huge customer and that is pride. The values at the core of pride are principally dignity and balance. Pride is the result of these values being conditioned by duality and relativity. 


When someone does not say hello to us we can feel that an attempt has been made against our dignity. That somehow our dignity has been lowered. 



With dignity the two sides of dignity are again to do with the way it is honored. It is either honored or not honored or respected, so we have honoring or dishonoring.


The same thing applies with balance or justice, there is mercy and rigour as the two sides of the value of balance or justice. 



Once again with relativity we have the issue of the reference point. The reference point is in others, that is whether others respect or disrespect our dignity. When others honour our dignity we feel our dignity respected and when other do not honour it we feel it lowered. Because our reference point to feel dignity about ourselves is in others it becomes an absolute when others do not honour our dignity and we have no other option but to suffer.


However, the real question is, has our dignity really suffered? If our reference point inside of ourselves we know that it has not been lowered or affected.

When the sense of balance has been conditioned by relativity what happens is that the reference point for coming to balance is outside of ourselves and in others. Having the reference point in others makes us to see that we are below or above others and so we exercise any attempt made on our dignity by bringing the other down, by making the other pay or by making the other suffer etc.


Thus making ourselves who have a lowered position to been compensated for that. Even that action of compensation (revenge) carried out is conditioned by duality where we give out mathematically exactly the same value, just like a mirror reflection.


In this post I have only covered anger and pride. In the coming posts I will tackle the other egos and some other manifestations of the egos that are conditioned by duality and relativity but they are conditioned in different ways. 


End (1294)


Cornered! Options are Escape with Major Scandal or Suffer – Then Accept Mystical Death - (1194)

Enough! Enough! Enough!

Maybe these are the words resounding in your head! Some times in our life we get cornered. We suffer for some reason or reasons and naturally we want it to change. We see a way out, though that would mean a major upheaval. Maybe a scandal, most likely a shock to everyone and maybe short term discomfort or long term discomfort. Then your back to suffering again…


But you are cornered and there are those words echoing in your head again: enough enough enough! This is when you know you only have one option and it is: radical mystical death!


This post is about that.


The Three Options - Decide One

Basically when we are cornered these are our three options: escape with major scandal, stay and suffer or stay and radically die in ourselves. The first step to improve the situation and bring a bit of peace to ourselves, is to decide for one of the three options.


I would recommend the last option which is to die radically. Though bear in mind there are times when things go beyond a line of reasonable decency and respect and a combination of the first and third options are best, that is physically leave and die mystically. Also bear in mind, by itself, radical death brings changes in our interior and by the laws of cause and effect, correspondence and affinity (also epigensis) comes a change in physical circumstances.


If we chose to escape, make sure you are going to be better off or profit by it. Don’t escape to be worse off or buried deeper than you are now. If you are not going to be better off forget it!


Accept Mystical Death

If you chose radical mystical death, first of all congratulations, you have chosen the way that is going to bring you the best. Accepting it means that you are going to have to renounce to the cause of your suffering. It means that, that belief or that ideal, or that concept, or philosophy, or right, or wrong, or ‘that which you always believed, valued, thought, wanted, yearned for, longed for etc.’ has to be renounced to.


Even the suffering of accepting a life without that has to be renounced to. Can you accept that? Bear in mind that accepting that means to gain something. This always holds, renounce something to gain something else.


To accept mystical death means to get what reality – life gives to you and be happy with that, and this is what ends our suffering. The role of mystical death in action is to dissolve in us what does not what to accept that reality and what does not love or is not happy with reality.


Renouncing is the first step after accepting mystical death and then the next step after that is investigation, which is there to help us dissolve what is discontent with reality. Investigation shows us what we want is not real anyway because what is real is slapping us in the face right now! What we really want from our essence is what is real! Because our essence only knows the real, it is the real.



Investigation is like a contrast. You see very honestly and sincerely what you want, what you expect, what you yearn for, what you believe you need and then you go and contrast these things against what life – reality is giving you or showing you.


If you look at reality hard it will show you the right things, the right balance of things, the right place of things, the right set up of things, the right organisation of things. Our suffering is that we want more or less than what is there is reality.

Master Samael said "truth is not from nature", and nature is reality, and truth always sets us free.


For example, we want to belong, our contrast with reality will show us that we can belong to a certain degree, but we can’t belong as much as we want, because we don’t have the real foundation behind us to belong more. Meaning the elements that would allow us to belong more are not in our nature.


We may feel like a victim, like the one who is worse off while the other is better off, like one who has been hard done by, like the one who has been taken advantage of, like the one who is disregarded, like the one who is ignored except when we are useful for something, like the one who is disliked, like the black sheep.


We have to investigate these identities which is who we end up identifying with and becoming. If we really investigate them we will see that they are not as true as we think. I assure you, it is not as bad as you are thinking that it is!


End (1194).

Image by David Clode
Image by Sammy Williams
Image by Alice Yamamura