Introduction to Temples – (2642)

A Temple for Each Way

Each religion has its sacred sites, and each religion has its sacred buildings or temples. There seems to be no religion or no spiritual movement without which there is a sacred site or temple.


The many pilgrimages that practitioners go on are all journeys to the sacred sites and temples.


In some cases, the central temple of a religion is built upon a sacred site. As in the case of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.


The sacred site of a religion is usually where an event, central to the founding principles of the religion took place. Such as Bethlehem – (birthplace of Jesus) and Calvary (Golgotha) for Christianity, where the passion of Jesus took place.


Certainly, Gnosis has its sacred sites, where the roots of the modern Gnostic movement are to be found, being in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia and in Mexico city.


Temples in the Cosmos

None the less a temple is something universal and fundamental to our cosmic and spiritual life.






Each cosmic Ray has its temple, where is housed its mysteries, its records (history), its masters that give it life.


Each temple is a place where the function of a Being, or a cosmic Ray is administered and manifested.


Temples and the Being

Each Being we are told has Its temple.


In the heart of every Being we are told, we have a heart temple.







How would the Divine Law function if there were no palace or temple? What would be of the masters of the medicine if there were no hospital temples to administer their healing.


Every authentic temple has a function. No temple is built without function.


Every temple has a unique location in space. Often a temple’s location is dictated by the location of a sacred site. Whether it be a sacred site of a religion or of nature Herself. None the less the location of a temple is unique and special and is not randomly selected, whether it be physically or internally.

Related Points

The following are pointers to significant points concerning the theme of “The Temple”.


*Bridge outside to inside

*Meeting Place

*Convergence of Energies and Forces

*Channel to Above

*Altar of Sacrifice

*The Very Heart

*Generation or Fount




End (2642).

Political Stingray, Religion and Spirituality - (3101)

Ray of Politics

As you may know there is a Ray of Politics we are told by Master Samael. It is also said that the immortal masters Count Saint Germain and Cogliostro belong to that Ray.


Like every other cosmic Ray, the Ray of politics must have a legitimate function in life, nature and the cosmos, and certainly it does. 


If we observe carefully we can see that it is everywhere. Even in religion. As soon as there are human beings or any group of sentient beings, the Ray of politics makes an entrance.


Watching nature documentaries we can see that many animals have a kind of working political system. Such as the lions, the wolves, many types of monkeys, all with their tribes, leaders, and older authority figures etc. etc.


Master Samael wrote a book called the Social Christ, indicating that the Cosmic Christ has a social and therefore political quality or role.


A Definition

So lets produce a definition of the ray of politics. It is a dynamic force, an organising force that acts to produce movement among human beings. 


It can be a revolutionary force that moves thousands of human beings for good or for bad. A tricky note, here is that the apparent bad sometimes, as history shows us ends being a good thing later, sometimes much later on. But sometimes not, making it difficult to judge, until times reveals the final result.


The Ray of politics naturally as it moves within human beings in our current state of development, has to do with structure, hierarchy, power, governing, ruling, wining the minds and hearts of people so to rally their support, factions and sides. 


It has to do with magnetic charisma, knowing the needs and wants of the people, strategy on how to move people to a final aim, fights for justice... in short it can do so much good to improve the conditions that people live under. It has the power to raise a nation from despair to wealth and health, but with the same hand it can bury a nation into misery and poverty. 


The Ray of politics is one that handles power, the power loaned from people and nature and the Divine Law. Obviously these two rays Law and Politics work hand in hand. The Divine Law gives the support and the ray of Politics uses the power to move and drive change up or down.


Actually in politics, where there is no change, something extraordinary is going on...


Religion and Politics

Because religion is so important for people and holds a real influence, it is inevitable that politics will enter into religion. In fact, in other places on the globe there are leaders that are both religious and political at the same time. They are a religious figure but they govern to influence over human life issues in the running of the country or state. 


It was said in ancient Egypt that the pharaohs were actually great initiates and represented the Divine Law through their decisions. 


Often the entrance of politics into religion is seen as a corrupting force. This is because the many "I's" in the people that take power, deviate and corrupt the action of just decisions and rulings and break the balance.  


As an example, the Pope and the Dalai Lama are principally religious leaders though they have a political component to their function. Obviously it is limited, because the governments are all scared of the power that a religious leader has to move people. 


Politics in Spirituality 

If there are human beings there must be a kind of politics in place. How much, how little all depends on the particular organisation. However, there must be a kind of structure and if there is a structure there is politics. The politics in place can be very useful and helpful to all, politics is not a bad thing, it is the force that moves through the structure which channels things in a way that produces harmonious actions and results.


A wise or aware political system is one that is alert to cause and effect and modifies itself in accordance with the effects that are produced by its means of acting through its methods or procedures. 


In that way a political system is a conscious body that constantly improves and adapts itself When it becomes fixed there is likely to be lots of trouble. Because life is a dynamic force and things are always changing.


End (3101).

Sacred Sites – (2637)

Many are They

There are really many sacred sites on the planet Earth. Most are related to religions and indigenous peoples. There are even instances where the one site may be sacred to a number of religions but not to all religions. Such an example is the temple mount in the old city of Jerusalem. Where the mount is sacred to Judaism, Islam and also Christianity.












Those sites that stand unrelated to any religion, but are sacred to indigenous people more often than not, are those that are felt by every visitor to be special, regardless of religion, race or culture. In these cases, it is the sacredness of Mother Nature that impresses the spirituality (essence) of every human being who visits.


Whereas perhaps in the religions sacred sites it is the structure of beliefs held in a person that are deeply impressed, more so than the natural essence of the person. But it can also be that both, one’s belief structure and one’s essence can be impressed visiting a sacred site.

Different to a Temple

A sacred site is one that stands out from the many areas of Earth as one which leans to the Divine, to the sacred and is one that emanates a kind of power…


A sacred site is one that is not a temple, it is one that has not been constructed by human hands to be assigned as sacred, but rather is a natural feature or a specific location.



When it comes to a religion, a sacred site is usually where an event, central to the founding principles of the religion took place.


For example, Bethlehem – (birthplace of Jesus) and Calvary (Golgotha) where the passion of Jesus unfolded are regarded as sacred sites to Christianity. The temple mount in the old city of Jerusalem for Juadiasm and the Islam.


When it comes to nature and indigenous peoples, a sacred site is sacred because it is the place, or a feature, where certain spiritual energies descend or meet.






Perhaps there is a door to the internal worlds there, perhaps a focussing point of some of the Earth’s important magnetic fields and electrical currents, perhaps a mountain - where every mountain is an antenna to receive cosmic energies, perhaps a chakra of the planet…


It is good to note that even the planet as a living organism must have its chakras, which are magnetic centres where vital energies converge and radiate.


Sometimes a sacred site of nature, religion and indigenous mythology coincide, such as in the case of the source of a river (the Ganges and the Jordan rivers), a mountain, an island, a mount, etc. And also as what Fulcanelli alluded to in relation to with the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, where the site upon which the medieval cathedral was built is significant, as many magnetic currents moving through travelling through underground channels imparts a special energy to the site of the cathedral.


A Location Mapped Out

Why is that location sacred? Why has that location been selected to be sacred and not the area 200m north or south of it?


We can only say that it is sacred because it is mapped out by lines of Euclidean geometry. It is sacred because several (at least three) lines or spiritual forces convergence at this spot, thus mapping out the site. Every site has a specific point in space, and force descend in lines.



Over such sacred sites many wars have been fought, and much blood has been spilled. Many men have given their lives to preserve these sites as sacred – thus showing the high importance these sites have in the mind and heart of people.


Interior Sacred Sites

“As above so below” once again applies directly here. We too within our body and psyche are sacred sites. Our chakras, our heart are all natural sacred sites. Within our psyche there are several sacred values and within our mind there are many sacred concepts.

That is why a chakra is a center where energy within our body converge; where they meet, to make a "Church" within.


The chakras remain sacred as long as our body prevails, the sacred values prevail beyond the mind and body and the sacred concepts within the mind can change…


End (2637).

Why Not to Get Stuck in Past Religions – (1657)


A religion is just a form, and no form is permanent. Things are being added to religions all the time and as new eras approach more will be added to them and because we can not stop this constant change it does not make too much sense to be stuck in the ways of the old religion, i.e. the customs, the rules, interpretations etc. The principles are different they will always be the same.


Here is an interesting quote about this:


“A religion is a form through which the divine spirit manifests, and no form is permanent. Christianity, which was born in the Middle East, received at its inception certain elements from the Greek and Latin cultures.


To these were added elements inherited from the Jewish religion, which itself had been influenced by the religions of neighbouring countries such as Egypt and Mesopotamia.


A religion is never born from nothing; it takes on elements from previous religions and is itself transformed as it spreads far from its place of origin.












The peoples of Africa, America and Asia who have been converted to Christianity, for example, have added elements from their own cultures.


Whether we like it or not, religions change. Even if they are the same sacred texts, an ever-widening gap exists between what people read and how they understand and feel about them. Evolution is the law of life, which is why it is illogical to strive to perpetuate the forms of a religion.” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


End (1657).

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