Sublimation of the Sexual Energy is

A Mystical and Religious Act



Much is said in the Gnostic studies about transmutation and sublimation. Those who study Gnosis know that sublimation is the main aim or rather the pinnacle of what we can and should do with the sexual energy.


We know that it is necessary to transmute the sexual energy and that by itself, transmutation is truly wonderful, much better in all the senses then losing the sexual energy. But we know that what is better still, that of a higher octave than transmutation is to be able to sublimate the sexual energy.


This post gives one version of what the sublimation of the sexual energy is.



Transmutation in the general sense is essentially the transformation of one substance to another. However in Gnostic circles transmutation is more commonly known in terms of the transformation of the raw sexual energy.


Transmutation is the conscious act of transforming the raw sexual energy into energy or what is called Mercury. Not the raw mercury which is the sacred sperm or the seminal entity but the transmuted mercury. This is the second of the three mercuries spoken about in Gnosis.


The three mercuries are: one – the raw mercury that is the raw sexual energy, the sacred sperm, the seminal entity or the sexual secretions in women, two –the transmuted raw sexual energy and three – the transmuted sexual energy fecundated by the fire of the Divine mother which is also known as the red mercury which is the kundalini.


The second mercury is achieved in the transmutation and it is where the metallic soul of the sexual energy is extracted by means of conscious will and imagination from the raw sexual energy. The metallic soul is pure energy, it is no longer a mixture of liquid, matter and energy. This energy once extracted can freely travel up the various subtle energy conductors in the spine (the main two being Ida and pingala) to reach the brain.


During a transmutation practice one may definitely feel heat, an increase in vitality and clarity. This is because the extracted sexual energy is filling the body and the brain. The interesting thing is that the transmutation to be effective only requires will, imagination and concentration and that is really marvellous. However, what is important for us to know is that there exists a superior octave of the transmutation and that is what we call sublimation. We in our practices have to go from transmutation which can be something technical, to sublimation. We all have to arrive at a sublimation of our sexual energies.


Emotion and the Sexual energy

The message of this post is to really put across the point of how important a role the emotional centre plays in the transmutation and sublimation of the sexual energy. I would say that the emotional centre is really the critical focal point or the central pivot of the whole practice with our sexual energies.


If we have an emotional state aligned with transmutation then we will transmute well, though if the emotional state is aligned with the ego and the loss of the sexual energy the practice will end with a loss of sexual energy, or if not a loss, one could be left with a lot of pain in the testicles of the male which is due to exciting the energy and not moving it through transmutation.


Essentially the sexual energy follows the mind, though when emotions are present it follows the mind or the emotions even more powerfully and rapidly.


To sublimate we need a mystical emotion. Within that mystical emotion is self-remembering where we remember the Being and we are conscious that this energy that we are transmuting must go back to the Being. That is to our real Being, or the source of our existence or the very reason for why we are here and have consciousness and life coursing through ourselves.



I want briefly to clarify something about mysticism, typically we think that mysticism is to be like a saint or like Saint Francis of Assisi but this is not really how it has to be. Mysticism is to see the magic and mystery of life everywhere around us and to feel part of all of that magical life force and mystery. Not necessarily to be praying the commonly known prayers while kneeling and walking around with our hands joined together as if we are praying.



So then sublimation is to activate and vibrate intensely with a kind of mysticism while transmuting the sexual energy. Then with our focus due to this mysticism on the Being the transmuted energy will go to the Being and crystallise in the form of soul.


This mysticism which is a state of consciousness understands why we have the sexual energy and from where it originates from. We know that the supplier is the Being and that this energy is really here for us to have it crystallised in the form of an inner creation. That inner creation is our solar bodies and our soul or golden embryo. This state of mysticism always incorporates a kind of self-remembering or remembering of the Being.



Sublimation has to be our goal, that is the best thing that we do with to the sexual energy, to return it to the Being so to fix it in our Being. If we are sublimating the sexual energy we can feel at peace because by cause and effect it crystallises in us as soul, but before that it transforms the colours of our waters and brings about one day the fecundation of our transmuted sexual waters with the fire of the Divine Mother which will be the awakening of the kundalini and the opening of the initiatic path.