Notes for a Class About the Christ - (3187)


I had to give a class about the Christ, so in a few minutes before the class I thought that I would jot down some notes in the form of a post. In the end I couldn't give it because I was coughing so much. So here is what I would liked to have given.


The aim of such a class is to get across the point to the listeners that the force that we know of as the Christ or be it under any other name is a essential and fundamental part of anyone's spiritual work.

Understanding this well will help us to deeply connect to the force and part of our own inner Being that is called Christ or be it any other name. This will then help you to understand why the sincere Gnostic loves the Christ.


You will see that by working on yourself Gnostically, principally in mystical death and transmutation you are working with this force of the Cosmos some people call the Christ.

Three Christs

There are three Christs: Cosmic, Intimate and Historical.


There are infinitely many Intimate Christs and there have also been many Historical Christs.

There are as many infinite Christs as there are Monads. And there are many more Monads than there are human beings. All the Intimate Christ make up the Cosmic Christ. The Cosmic Christ in infinite! SO the Cosmic Christ is not a person - - the Cosmic Christ can only be experienced by those who attain Christification of man within themselves. 

The Cosmic is what we also know as prana. The great force of life, the great vitality of life that animates and gives life to all that is alive. The sublime healing force.

As Christ is a cosmic force and we are a universe in miniature there is also a Christ within us and it is called the Intimate Christ.

Christ and Religion

Christ means the 'anointed one'. Coming from the Greek word Christos meaning anointed.


The Christ is not a religious belief, nor is it an artifact of religion... Christ, as Master Samael says, is a real force of the cosmos. Christ is the real as the force of gravity.


Christ is the intelligent force of life that sustains life in all its forms and expressions in its march.


It is a reality that lives beyond any belief, religion or school of thought. No belief or concept can capture it, submit it, nor alter it... That is why Christ is not born, nor can Christ die or perish. Christ incarnates as you, in you, through you, and for you as the initiate. 

SO the cosmic drama of Christ has to be lived out by everyone who aspires to be born again internally. 


It is a force with an almost infinite multitude of qualities...


We can find it alive in many manifestations. The most immediate expression that we can look upon for inspiration is the sun! Yes the planetary body hung high in the sky that brings life and illumination to us every day.


About its qualities a person could write a lot...


Bridge and Crossing Point - Balance

It is the great balance, it is a child. Any child is the result of the sexual balance, the child of electricity and magnetism, the son of the Cosmic Mother and Father. The Mother is magnetism and the Father is electricity.


He is the legitimate one to be sent into matter - the world of the Cosmic Mother to bring that which is of the Father back to the Father. The son - the Christ partakes of both natures and harmonises intelligently both natures - divine and human, spirit and matter. 


It is the expression of Divinity most important to us! As it is a bridge that unites our human nature to our Divine nature.

The spiritual work of any human being needs such a bridge, such a unifying and balancing point. Without that bridge no human being could succeed in his or her spiritual path. 

This is why the Christ is so important to the Gnostic person and any person yearning for their spirit.

It is the living emblem and principle of transmutation within us! That is why transmutation is totally Christic and it is what draws him to us and prepares our interior for his advent.


Holy Denial

It is the Holy denial, the Holy Negation. Which is linked to transmutation, sacrifice and mystical death. Mystical death is transformation directed upwards and inwards to the inner spirit.


The Christ is the embodiment of sacrifice, it is the spirit of sacrifice. It achieves the miracles of transforming us by means of sacrifice.


Sacrifice is a conscious choice of one option superior to another.

The Christ works to bring us upwards, meaning it chooses what is good and superior. In this the function of the Holy Denial is clear, it denies the ego to embrace the Father. It does not take us downwards. If it were to take us downwards there would not be sacrifice there would be a fall where the inferior is chosen over the superior.

In sacrifice there is transformation. Something changes its nature to become something new.

The Christ causes what is above and Divine to descend and what is below and human to ascend.

It affords us mercy because it has the power of transforming, owing to the power of transformation it redeems. 


Role of Saviour Redeemer

The Cosmic Christ was the one who Master Samael, said entered a temple at the very dawn of creation to sign a pact to redeem, Men, Gods and worlds...

It seems then that the role of the Christic force right from the beginning of time has always been to redeem from karma - the essences and take them liberated back to the Father.

Master Same says that the Intimate Christ of a parson fulfills this role. It assumes the defects of the Master and fights within the person to liberate the person.

This is also why the Intimate Christ incarnates when one chooses the direct way, because the Intimate Christ's work is to redeem essences. Those who chose Nirvana do not work for humanity.

Will - Causal and the Christ

The abode of the Intimate Christ is the causal - the dimension of will.

The preparation for the advent of the Christ is completing the causal initiation. From within the causal world the Christ can modify causes. The work of redemption can be done without taking into account the modification of causes. The cause of our fall, of our suffering and pain is all in the causal world For the Christ to complete His work he must have access to the causal and He must work from within the causal to affect the dimensions that at are below - our mind, our emotions and our actions.

Born, Lives, Dies and Resurrects

The Intimate Christ incarnates. First, a part of the Divine Mother becomes active in us, as Kundalini, then the human soul incarnates, then the Intimate Christ later incarnates. The human soul is the human face of the Intimate Christ.

The Intimate Christ is always born first, then incarnated, then it works, then it later dies and resurrects. Its death is necessary as with its death it conquers our psychological death. as it has assumed all of our "I's" when He dies all of our "I's" also die.

The Christ always resurrects, giving life back to the Being. That is His second last step in doing his work of redemption - returning the essence back to the Father. The last step is ascending.

Master Samael says that the Christ takes three steps. One from the Absolute to Chockmah, from Chockmah to Tiphereth and from Tiphereth to Malcuth.

End (3187).

Temples – (2690)

Temples are a cosmic phenomena. All religions and all spiritual movements have a temple. 


Usually there is a central main temple with many other smaller temples. The smaller temples are linked to the greater central temple, and the greater temple stands out as special, as in many cases it has to do with the founding events of the religion or movement.


There are churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and others…


Typically, temples are made by man. Hence consecration.


Consecration is the act of linking divine forces to something physical, a place, an object a person.

There are also temples of nature that have not been erected by human hands. Mother Nature’s temples do not need to be consecrated as they ae already blessed by the Divine.


Master Samael says that the temples in the internal worlds are those that have not be touched by human hands.


The internal temples are those that have been raised by the divine hierarchies.



The most famous of temples for the Gnostic - The Oracle of Delphi








Initiation is an entrance into a temple. Each vertebra and each chakra with its churches are a temple. The fiery serpent makes here entrance into temple along the upward ascent and final destination of the heart temple.


Every temple is a work of esoteric art, and as such contain in their artistic expression (architecture, decoration, interior murals, paintings, literature).


The Cosmic Mother is a great temple. As is the Absolute, it is an infinite temple. 


A natural and intimate need arises in each aspirant to make or set aside for him or herself a consecrated space.


Such a private or personal space, room or temple offers us an opportunity of contrast. Where as soon as we enter that space we can contrast our inner state which is the product of the way we have lived our day with what we remember of a more peaceful and conscious state.


Why are the temples internally located where they are? It is because at those locations certain lines of force cross or intersect.


The temples always guard the mysteries. In the ancient times of all places that one could travel to and venture to, the mysteries were always sought out by knocking at the doors of the temples. The great pyramids, the caves of the hermits, the pantheons, the shrines, the monuments etc.


The human being is a temple. Within the human being are many temples. With the most sacred being the heart temple.


The heart temple guards a divine particle, a precious relic of our inner Divinity. As is typical of each temple, each temple guards something special.


A temple is the generating power plant of each movement or religion. No religion or movement could survive if its temples were removed. 


Powerful forces move in the temples and these forces radiate outwards to the its smaller linking temples and supports each of its members that in turn through their devotion and upright conduct give force to the temples they attend.


End (2690).