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This post picks up from the previous post on temples, where a list of points to do with temples was presented. This post addresses the first point in that list which is: “Origins”.



Each sacred site and sacred temple is very much related to origins. In religions a temple is usually built on a sacred site, where the sacred site was the location upon which an important happening unfolded that was instrumental in the founding of that religion.


A very good example is the Har HaBayit, the most sacred temple of Juadaism - the temple mount in the old city part of Jerusalem. It is said that the temple was built over the foundation stone where it is believed that upon this stone God created the world.

Temple of Mars in Ultor Rome, Italy

Contact the Divine Originating Force

In a temple one is always lead to come into contact with the Divine force that gave rise to that temple. Each temple contains its origin as the central feature. Often, in the temples of the religions one enters to pray to the Creator or to the prophet, saint, angel, Son of God or even God that taught the fundamental teachings of that religion.


Our heart temple is also related to an origin - our own origin, which for every human being is the Monad.


When we concentrate on our heart temple we do so mostly to come into contact with our originating intelligence.


Our originating intelligence and force knows all about us and so to enter our own heart temple is to come to know ourselves evermore.



Each temple is dedicated to a Divine force and that Divine force is the origin of the temple. There appears to be no temple devoid of dedication or origin.



Reconstruction of the Temple of Mars in Ultor, Rome, Italy







Ancient Times

In the ancient times a temple stood as the first place to search for the mysteries. The door of the temple stood to mark the beginning of the entrance to the mysteries for the neophyte. Every master of the ancient and modern times has a temple standing at the origin of his or her mastery. Because it was the mysteries hidden in the temple that allowed the neophyte to become a master.


Every temple maintains its history from its origins. The word temple relates to time and so every temple is related to the unfolding of the manifestations of its Divine originating force, which occurs of the time of its origin to now.


When the Divine originating force withdraws then the temple of course falls into ruin. Just as happen with our own interior temple. We a human being falls the superior parts of the Being, the magnesium – the Intimate Christ leaves or escapes from the altar and within a short time the temple falls into ruin more and more, the more time passes without any restorative efforts being made.


Cause of Pilgrimage

All pilgrimages are done in the hope to discover and study the origins of their religion. The maximum hope is to contact the originating forces and intelligence. No doubt the sacred site and the temple mark and house the wisdom and the force of the origins.


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3 Churches and 3 Circles - (4037)


This is an interesting teaching from Master Samael.


Not a bad talk topic. So here are my notes for one day, should I give such a talk.



It is good to define what a church is first of all. Obviously the word 'church' has a Christian connotation. In this talk I am going to use it broadly, in the sense of a church being a temple and people that go to that temple. 


Three Churches

They are the:

1.) Failed

2.) Militant

3.) Triumphant


The Three Circles

They are the:

1.) Exoteric

2.) Mesoteric

3.) Esoteric




The failed church is that which has failed in its attempts to fulfill the real religion. Which is to take its people back to God. A long time ago it was overcome by the inferior nature and powers within man (the ego) and all that remains is a doctrine which lacks the knowledge to return to God.


The failed church represents humanity at large and belongs to the exoteric circle of spirituality. That is that which is outside - an entirely outside focus. The physical building and the link between its people has all to do with meeting at the physical building. The real sense of the teaching about man being a temple of God is forgotten.


Nothing has an internal meaning within the failed church. In fact there only ought to be the militant and triumphant churches not the failed.



Those that are fighting, working to relink themselves to God. Those who are working to build their interior temple. Those who know the keys of the three factors. They are the Gnostic people and others who are working with the same knowledge and principles. 

They represent the mesoteric circle. They are a transition between the exoteric and the esoteric. They contain elements of both the exoteric and the esoteric, but headed more to the esoteric to the triumphant than to the exoteric or failed.



The people who have fulfilled the true religion. Those who are linked to God. They have constructed their interior temple. They exist mostly internally but also physically. They have their temples and they comprise the Gnostic Church, which is the church that has the knowledge, the science of God. All the white temples form a network which can be termed the Gnostic Church.


They represent the esoteric circle.


End (4037).

Pain a Non-Religious Teacher that Takes you to Real Religion - (3780)

Pain is universal. To be very sensitive to it is extraordinarily useful. It is a teacher.


It teaches irrespective of any religion, doctrine or system. Everyone knows it and experiences it. 


It is from the war that we have raging with reality. To know what is painful and what is not is to be more awake than our normal sleeping state that is always in and out to varying depths of one kind of pain or another. 




It tells us when to work on ourselves. It sets the clear goal which is to be free of it, to not feel it anymore.


There is pain that comes from outside when people insult us and then there is the pain that comes from within in relation to the contrast between our current state and our essence and the parts of the Being. 


If we want to talk to anyone about the work we can talk to them about pain. From pain we go to reality and the way to embrace reality is to align our thoughts and emotions with it and that is the work, the awakening and the essence in action.


End (3780).

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