Gnosis on the Nervous System - (2848)


The "Grand Sympathetic Nervous System" :



"This machine has its rudder and lever from which it is governed and conducted. That rudder is the autonomic nervous system. The pilot that controls this machine is the Innermost (the Holy Spirit). Therefore, by means of the autonomic nervous system lever, the Innermost wrapped in the Astral body controls the whole organism and all the hormonal secretions."



"The vital energy collected by the spleenic chakra passes to the solar plexus and then spreads throughout all the nervous channels of the autonomic system, filling the whole human organism with life."



"Traumas and nervous impressions often disturb the functions of the central nervous system and the functions of the autonomic nervous system, as well as the glands of internal secretion."

The first statement especially stands out, as it tells us that the nervous system is of significance to studies.


This statement tells us that if we can become more aware of our nervous system we can help our inner Being better move and affect our physical body.


The second statement tells us that our nervous system is really the conductor of energy in our body. Therefore the quality of our nervous system directly affects the energies moving through our body. Without energy we can do nothing.

Modern Science

When we consult what modern Science has to say about the nervous system we find that there is a lot of information available.

A brief run down of what Science has discovered about the nervous system is needed for this study.

This is a very brief run down of the various divisions of the nervous system in the human body.


Modern science tells us that all invertebrates have a nervous system. In the nervous system that an invertebrate has there are two main parts. Our nervous system, science says has, also these two main parts.


These two main parts are the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.


From the peripheral nervous system stems two other well known nervous systems which are the Autonomic and Somatic nervous systems.


From the Autonomic nervous system stem the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems.



Grand Sympathetic = Autonomic 

I asked a good friend who knows quite a lot about this topic from the Gnostic point of view, and he said that when Master Samael mentions the "Grand Sympathetic Nervous System" or even the "Sympathetic Nervous System" he is really referring to the Autonomic Nervous System which includes both the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems known to Science.


In some of the latest editions of "Endocrinology and Criminology", references to the "Grand Sympathetic Nervous System" have been replaced by the "Autonomic Nervous System".


End (2848).

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