Philosophy is a spiritual element that enable us to awaken consciousness in a vey profound way, and this is due to to the fact that the process of awakening consciousness has to be achieved in daily life. Consciousness is contained in each and every experience of life, it is consciousness that is asleep during this process of life that makes us to lose the light of our Being.


When we comprehend that we are asleep, we will then, or at least to some degree, begin to know which aspects of the properties of consciousness function in error. Consciousness has many properties, and one of them is comprehension.   


Master Samael states that consciousness is the cognition of the Being. That is to say, when we are able to comprehend at any given moment the true nature of events, without condition, without preference, without concept, then our consciousness is able to live free.   


Philosophy is the knowledge of reality (God) in truth. It is for this reason that Philosophy of any tradition is mainly concerned with the knowledge of TRUTH > > > In western culture, the word philosophy is derived from the Greek word [Philo] - meaning "loving;" and [Sophia] - meaning "knowledge, or wisdom". So philosophy is the love of knowledge (Gnosis) and wisdom (which is Christ). 

"The word wisdom is derived from vid, videre (to see) and from dom (judgment). Thus, wisdom alludes to that which one can see with the senses of the soul and of the Innermost; to the wise judgments which must be based on  ultra-sensorial perceptions and not simply on dogmatic intellectualism or vain professional sufficiency, which are already in declination and decrepitude." - Samael Aun Weor, Occult Medicine and Practical Magic

That is why our pursuit of philosophical teachings goes hand-in-hand with religious practices given to each humanity. Philosophy is a form of spiritual work that engages our entire psychological sphere (heart and mind); in the same way that religion is a way of uniting us with the principles of our divine Being.

Philosophy is a source of psychological energy that influences the deeper aspects of our spiritual awakening. It helps us go beyond conceptual meaning, because "meaning" creates suffering and "meaning" creates pleasure. A word or object that induces pleasure in someone's psyche can induce suffering in another person's psyche, precisely because they both attached different "meaning" to that word of object based on pleasurable and un-pleasurable  experiences. 


Philosophy goes beyond subjective "meaning". It is nonidentification with pleasurable and un-pleasurable life experiences - - but to observe every phenomena through comprehension of the one's superlative consciousness, which is related to the Being.  When we remember the Being (Modimo), we do not get identified, meaning we break the hypnotic power of the ego in our lives - - we learn to see things objectively in stead of subjectively. This is the true nature of comprehension, and the purpose of philosophy.

When we learn to study ourselves from a philosophical point of view, we act consciously from moment-to-moment; in other words we free the Essence from all its elements that impede pure perception of reality. Consciousness awakens when the mental processes of personality, ego and mind are eliminated in our view of life. Only when the personality, ego, and mind are made passive, can consciousness dwell in its true nature, which is the nature of God, divine light and limitless love.

But as long as consciousness is still asleep, that is to say, if consciousness is still identified with the mental processes of personality, ego, and mind; then it cannot reflect the true nature of divinity. Consciousness then becomes bottle up in the "I". The "I" of every person is nothing more than a psychological container. But when we start to understand life from this philosophical point of view, we are then able to transform every psychological impressions that strikes the whirlpool of mind, and by so doing we do not create an ego, or mental container in us. 


It is clear to see that Art and Philosophy are profoundly interrelated, and that Science and Religion (or Mysticism) are the authentic unfolding factors for awakening consciousness esoterically. Consciousness awakens in these four faculties of knowledge - - -and by knowing the functionalism of consciousness, we can have a deeper idea of what consciousness is, and then differentiate it from the mind. Only then will consciousness act and the mind follow.    

When consciousness awakens, it awakens with its powers and faculties of spirit. Consciousness is light, wisdom and enlightenment in general, so when consciousness is present, then all these superlative qualities are also present here with us, in every moment-to-moment. It is important to differentiate between consciousness and mind.

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