Why Know the Ray of the Being? - (3080)

"Some Think"

"Some think" that it is not important to know the Ray of the Being because knowing or not knowing the Ray - we still have to awaken consciousness and experience death, well they are right. On the other hand "some think" that it is important to know the Ray and they are right also. So the wise thing is to take both sides and put them together and produce the following:  work intensely in mystical death and also work, though less intensely to find the ray of the Being. Once you find it use it to help you to die better, quicker and more in yourself.


In this post I am going to write about the benefits of knowing it.


Identity - Part of Your Enigma Solved

Knowing the Ray of your Being allows you to know part of your inner identity. Your know a lot about our personality - our false identity but very little about our real identity which is our Real Being.

The Ray of your Being is also the cosmic function of the Being. Function and identity are closely related. Our Being along with the other Monads that belong to that Ray give life to that particular cosmic function. Those Monads give that cosmic function its intelligence, its consciousness and its force. So Monads with certain leading qualities are those that give life to the many cosmic Ray.  


How do certain Monads come to belong to a particular Ray? Are they assigned to a certain Ray at the dawn of creation because of their innate qualities (self-selected), or because of the learning that they still need to process or because of certain deficiencies or imbalances deep within their nature, or are they made that way from within the Absolute to have those qualities? A Monad is never made but self-made. So the question is too difficult to answer right?


To know the Ray of your Being is to have solved a part of your mystery. We are all an enigma Master Samael says that we must decode.


Focal Point

The Ray of your Being is your main focal point or the first port of call. The Ray of your Being affects greatly the way in which your Being and how you also work on yourself in each lifetime. 


To know this is a big help to you because you can accelerate or fast track your spiritual work. 


For example, a person who belongs to the Ray of science or wisdom will not be able to die in any "I" until he or she has discovered in their consciousness a universal truth about that the opposite of that "I". If such a person is told to dissolve lust for example, that person must first work to find how transmutation is the right and natural way of things, the right order, the modus operandi of the superior, how transmutation is a cosmic truth, how transmutation is everywhere and how transmutation is true within oneself.


That is, such a person has to see the union of the macrocosmic and microcosmic truths within himself before that person can really die in that "I" of lust.

If this person has any "I" alive it is because that person has not acquired this above level of understanding in their consciousness regarding that "I'".

Another person may focus the death of an "I" from the point of view of balance while another may focus it from the point of view of love, where the main point will be seeing how that "I" disrupts balance or takes love away.


Another may see the death of "I" as a kind of healing or remedy or therapy, and the death of an "I" is like a healing - a return to wholeness, strength, health and life.


In any case, it is the ego that takes us away from our Ray and breaks its flow of expression in us. 


Ray of the Being is Your Law

The Ray of the Being is the your law within you. It is your nature. It is what you are. It is what takes a certain leading predominance in your nature. Obviously things in life and in the work align well with our nature and other things don't. This is always a mystery to us why that is, but knowing the Ray of Being helps you to get over this mystery and to know why things align well or don't align.

Of course your nature has a way of using your three brains. The Ray to some degree determines the way your three brains function.


The angle of love does not help a person who belongs to the Ray of science, law or death because their law, their nature is to know about ontological, cosmic reasons (law), to know about cosmic truths (science) and death to be concerned with just doing it - getting it done, making it an actuality based on law and service.


A Ray has Two Sides

The Ray of the Being has its opposite qualities. When we are asleep the Ray of the Being expresses itself in its opposite polarity. This then gives acceleration to certain "I's". A person of the Ray of force when asleep would cause a person to be quite angry, intolerant and commanding.


Many people who belong to the Ray of wisdom are those of the financial type who are investors, bankers, stock exchange investors where their intelligence is used in matter, where those qualities of the Ray end up being used by greed, astuteness etc.


Rays Combine

Knowing our Ray will help us to know which qualities combine well within ourselves and what we need to do to relate better with other Rays or qualities.


Obviously we are all a particular combination. For example, imagine someone's Being belongs to the Ray of medicine, and has a planetary Ray belonging to Saturn and the terrestrial Ray is that of Egypt. Rather a strange combination but it can happen. The subject of the Ray is something that we don't have full information about and so it should be treated with a lot of elasticity.

Certain Ray go well together because they are needed to be combined to produce a another different function. This also works within us as well. We need two or three qualities to combine produce a certain result in us. For example, for the death of our ego, we need science - observation, law - comprehension, love - repentance and finally death to produce the elimination of an "I".

Law and death go well and science and law go well too. Life and medicine go well, as do Love and art. Force and wisdom are also a very powerful combination. Wisdom needs love to make it, to move, so that it can help others and to also help the person it originates from. Law needs Love to moderate and balance itself; and Death needs love to make it warmer and softer. 


All the Ras combine in a specific order within us and outside of us. They are in fact a series in life. One Ray works after another one. If the order is right - no problems. However if the order is wrong we often experience a clash.


As we are particular we can have a certain particular order of the way the different Rays work within ourselves.

In general though, if we observe the planetary rays we see that they in the life of a person work in a sequence, first if life from the Moon [Lunar Ray], then diligence from Mercury [Mercurian Ray], then creativity and  chastity from Venus [Venusian Ray], then love from the Sun [Solar Ray], then humility from Mars [Martian Ray], then happiness for other's success from Jupiter [Jupiterian], then temperance from Saturn [Saturnian Ray].

Dealing with Rays

The best way to deal with or understand another who belongs to a certain Ray is to bring that ray inside of you out to meet and relate to that person. Then we will understand that person well.

If you are going to work with the law the best way to relate is using balance. If you are going to work with the ray of Death then embrace or accept or come to terms with death whether it be mystical or physical. 


End [3080]