Nervous System and the Three Brains - (2849)


The idea of this post is to marry what Science has to say about the nervous system with what Gnosis teaches.


Function of the Nervous System

Science says that the function of the nervous system in us, is to provide a means by which the various parts of the body are connected to the brain. Using the nerves which make up the nervous system the brain can send impulses (of a electrochemical nature) to the various parts of the body and receive signals from the body so to initiate new movements or processes.

In Gnosis, the nervous system is an energy circuit, it is the means by which energy flows through our body to its various parts (organs, ).


The prana that our body receives moves through (not exclusively though) the channels of the nervous system. Also, the sexual energy that we transmute impresses our nervous system and moves though it.


It is also the means by which the Essence, then later the Human soul, and a little later after that, Atman - the Being within us controls the human machine.


The Essence can use the nervous system, and as we all well know, the various "I's" within us use and impact our nervous system to use and affect the body.


Three Brains

The three brains of our human machine are very intimately related with our nervous system.


Intellectual Brain and the Central Nervous System

I think that it is logical to say that the Central Nervous System is more related to the intellectual brain than the other three brains. This is because the central nervous system is made up of the brain and the spinal cord.


It has also been said that the central nervous system is the Tree of Life within us.


Motor, Instinctive and Sexual Brain and the Autonomic Nervous System

I think that it is logical to say that the motor, instinctive and sexual centres are related to the Autonomic Nervous System more than any other nervous system. 


It is also important to say that these nervous systems are all related and connected. Obviously, the motor and sexual centres work in relation to the intellectual brain and so the central nervous system has to connect to the autonomic nervous system to initiate certain processes in those two centres (motor and sexual). 


It also has been said that the motor, instinctive and sexual centres are the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil within us. 


The Autonomic Nervous System has much to do also with our emotional centre. As it is plays a critical role in determining certain emotional states within us.


The nervous system within us is intimately related to our three brains. so related that we can say that each each brain is essentially a nervous system.


As the brain in our head controls/regulates everything in the body, all the nervous systems are related to our physical brain. Therefore our three brains are related to each other through our physical brain. Therefore proving the fact that the intellectual centre influences all the centres. Thus the formidable law within us of: first - thinking, second - feeling and third - acting.


We have the two trees of the garden of Eden within us here and now, in the way of our central nervous system (Tree of Life) and our Autonomic Nervous System (Tree of the Science of Good and Evil).


End (2849).

Our Nervous System - (2796)

The Nervous System is a spiritual and energy bridge into realms of our Inner Constitution.

Our nervous system actually has a strong relationship with our inner esoteric realms of consciousness.

Through our nervous system the ego and the essence (therefore the inner Being) have a bridge into our physiology.

In this post I would like to outline how important a role our nervous system plays in our relationship with our essence (psychology) and our esoteric work (spiritual transformation).

In fact our nervous system is something very esoteric all by itself. This is The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil, referred to in the Bible. 

Nervous System According to Modern Science

Modern science tells us that all invertebrates have a nervous system. In the nervous system that an invertebrate has there are two main parts. Our nervous system, science says has, also these two main parts.

These two main parts are the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.








From the Peripheral nervous system stems two other well known nervous systems which are the Autonomic and Somatic nervous systems.

From the Autonomic nervous system stem we get the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems.

These two nervous systems plus the central nervous systems are the ones which are very interesting to us in our esoteric work, because energy moves through these channels in each and every moment of life.


End (2796).

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