Flavour of the Horizontal Line of Life – (2489)


Counter Measure It! It is good to deeply know the flavour of this line (Horizontal line of life), and the characteristics of this line. Even so much so, to know why this line has the characteristics that it does.

Knowing the above points in question, helps us to climb onto the vertical line (Spiritual line or the line of the life of Being).


This post is an attempt at explaining the above points. In the hope that it will provide a clear and didactic motivation to move ourselves more onto the vertical line in the here and now, where we can find ourselves on it (the vertical line).





The Two Lines of Life


Every person  lives on two lines.  These lines determine and explain their quality of life and how they make choices based on those two qualities of mind. There is a horizontal line, an imaginary line, that we visualize to see our past and future at any given moment. 

The horizontal line represent life, the progression of change, and most of us only experience that change according to time. 

However, there is another line that we need to also comprehend and it is the line of consciousness, or the quality of Being. The line of consciousness moves vertically, it ascends into higher levels of Being or degenerates into lower levels of Being. Both of these levels (inferior hell realms and superior heavenly realms) are determined by the quality of one's consciousness.


Consciousness is the energy of nature, it is infinite. Consciousness is the same substance as light, so consciousness can be used to perceive infinite states and infinite depths - - and it is beyond time.


Real change happens at the Vertical line not at the Horizontal line. This is because real change relates to our Level of Being, to our consciousness; not to how we look in the physical. 

Science and Religion

Science is perceived as having discovered something but still there is so much yet to know. Human beings have no capacity to know anything about space and its higher dimensions, and there is still so much unknown about ourselves and about nature, and it seems that no one else knows either.


Science is looked to for the answers but many of the answers change from one day to the next.


It seems Science and Religion conflict and we are in between, not knowing how to reconcile them.

Religion offers us something that appeals to us, yet it just seems too good to be true, especially when we have to work so hard here in life to get anything and with religion we get the greatest thing – heaven - all for little effort. In the background the skepticism continues, but we are too afraid to question what has been around for thousands of years. And underneath, we remain disappointed and sigh for something objective and real, but nothing in life can bring that to us.

Always Outside

Because of looking always externally we only believe that we are body and mind, and the fulfilment of life is in others, our job, traveling, experiences, a job well done etc. etc.



Death is the worst thing that we can imagine, it is completely unknown, Theories, near death experiences are more and more common, yet it solves nothing, our body and mind will die and so we think all that awaits us is total annihilation. But yet we hear that we are a soul, but what is the soul, still we don’t really know for ourselves, and we move in the hazy clouds of belief.

The ignorance of the horizontal line is the greatest lacking and it is what characterises more than anything the horizontal life of life.



Sex reigns as the ultimate pursuit, yet the way it is used, it becomes ultimate slavery. All external vices become the hope to bring what is truly missing in sex but can never be gotten as long as love is missing and the sexual energy is lost. Pornography, night time venues, affairs, movies, web sites, are all used to bring what is missed from sex, but, of course, it all ends in failure, we end up digging the hole of slavery deeper.



Happiness is so elusive and fleeting. Our happiness unfortunately depends on external circumstances while we are on the horizontal line of life. We need something favourable and enjoyable set up from a third party to feel happy once again. Which alas, could be in a log cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. We still need the log cabin and the Alaskan wilderness.


Everyone Else

Everyone else is to blame for our misfortunes, if that person would not have said that or told us that, or yelled at us I would be better off and not in this difficulty now.


If only they would change a little…



Life seems to be just about making money, going through the motions that everyone else does. Buy a house, a car, marry, go on holiday, have wonderful children that turn out difficult to make wonderful and so on and so on.


We all always want more money and when that more arrives we want more or we go off the rails… and what we wanted so much becomes our demise…


No Time, Too Tired

There is never enough time and energy. We are always tired and have our schedule totally full. We always live on our surface and far from the depths of ourselves (our essence)...



This is the flavour of the horizontal line of life, it leaves much to be desired and the vertical line is the opposite of these characteristics.


End (2489).

Objective of Gnosis - (743)


The objective of Gnosis

“The mission of Gnosticism in this age is to deliver the method and means for the work of the realization of the inner Man in each one of us; the attainment of this transcendental objective depends on our cooperation with the Being.


The divorce between science and art, philosophy and mysticism has provoked the deterioration of this generation. We don’t appreciate the poetry of nature, the harmony that emanates from the universe, and so human relations have become cold: our heart is unmoved by human suffering.


The Gnostic teachings are based on the communion between science, art, philosophy and mysticism; they seek to rescue the highest values of the human being in order to be able to comprehend that life is empty without the pursuit of transcendence and the self-realization of the Being.


This would not be possible without the development of superior emotion, which humanizes science, sublimates art, elevates philosophy and crystallizes mysticism.


Gnosis is the poetry of inner beauty, the rose of philosophy, the light of science and the mystical eternal spring.”



End (743).