introductory courses

Our soul can only comprehend the path of liberation when consciousness is free and separated from the subconsciousness. The first step to awakening consciousness is to first understand what consciousness is. 


mystery of 
THE power of sound

Only in the Theurgy of the Logos can we comprehend the science of sound. Everything is contained in sounds and vibrations - - all energy, all matter, and all levels of consciousness are nothing but fundamental aspects of the Logos.


deep creative comprehension course

It is vital to understand that the process of awakening consciousness is fundamentally built upon our internal states of creative awareness. Our Being is where our awareness (attention) is. 


Archetypes of
the bible

Everything is an atom, and inside every atom there is Elohim, the Cosmic Logos. An archetype is a symbolic representation of the solar forces within any human being. When we understand our archetypes, we start the esoteric path of internalization.


Spiritual Cults AND introduction to THREE MOUNTAINS 

To become fully aware of our actions is to see that the cause of everything we do originates from inside our selves. This course is an Esoteric study of the Subconscious, Conscious, and Super-consciousness realms of Man. 


spiritual Lectures

Words, thoughts, actions, feelings, that is to say, any movement can create a barrier for Spirit to move freely in its moment. Through Gnosis we can transcend the barrier of words, thoughts, actions and feelings, etc. - - meaning anything that can condition life free in its movement.



If we wish to crystalize all the divine qualities and spiritual faculties of our Indweller (Modimo), we need to first understand how to transform the Essence of God (which is what we are), with Esoteric Elements of Energy, Light and Consciousness. 


Esoteric Messages 

When consciousness is asleep it causes suffering. Enlightenment without compassion will only bring us back into the Wheel of Suffering. The highest and most perfect embodiment of light is compassion. Those without it are wretched human beings.

Get  Different Mantrams and Meditation Sounds to help with your Individual Practice

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The Reality of Being

The path of self-realizing the Being is a spiritual joint venture between our Monad [Modimo] and us at the level of a Human soul. This course is given to help the student understand the reality of Modimo as our True Being and the essence [motho / umuntu] as a consciousness of God [Modimo]. 

Manual developed from teachings
by Rafael Arape 
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Rites for Rejuvenation

Divine knowledge is found within each human being; certainty of truth is experienced with the light one's own heart. The entire organism in the form of our human body has a Vibratory Affinity with the light that is Christ in everyman. The body is a temple where the Keynote structure of divinity is intimately heard.

Manual developed from teachings
by Master Samael
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Divine Archetypes of the Bible (SoN:SA - Book 1)

When the scripture is truly studied through the wisdom of mind essence, then all of its countless philosophies, sacred stories, repeated in mythological characters and sophisticated allegories, serve only to reveal the cloak of reality that the words are written to conceal. ''Man is God asleep; God is man awake.''

Manual developed from teachings
courtesy Glorian Publishing

Dream Yoga

When we go to sleep at night our soul (consciousness) leaves the body and goes on personal voyages to other dimensions of existence. Dream Yoga is a gnostic method of training the mind to apprehend and maintain  the dream nature of things while its astral travel. In this workbook, Master Samael gives methods and techniques of awakening consciousness from the dream of life.