Art and the Path of Initiation


Art is a very intimate reflection of consciousness that was used in ancient times to educate the soul in an integrated way. The Art of knowledge was always presented and preserved in a wholistic manner: Science, Philosophy, Religion (Mysticism), and Art were seen as inseparable rays of the same light of Being. It is only in recent times that Science, Philosophy, Religion (Mysticism), and Art have been separated and compartmentalized - - and because of this, the process of true initiation has lost its true meaning.

One of the highest goals of Art is to initiate the soul into superior levels of consciousness -- thus, this form of initiation has been represented over time in many ways, but the most common representation of spiritual initiation is the symbol of the “Cross”. The “Cross” of Christ appears in many forms, through the history of humanity - - and its is the main central symbol of spiritual initiation symbolized in an artistic form.

There are two main components to the Art of Initiation: Wisdom and Method; and it is the union of these two factors that produces the awakening of consciousness, and gives birth to our inner Buddha. So, Art in truth, is really an internal study of oneself. It is a process of creating a solid understanding of the creative aspect of divinity which has its roots in knowledge.

Creation is a sacred act. It is a holy nuptial between Form and Emptiness, the very existence that we have is sacred. The “Cross” symbolizes how the light of Creation descends down from the Abstract Absolute Space into different levels of matter; and the reality of this creative force is especially symbolized by our Heart. The Heart of ever person is the seat of divinity, the most beautiful aspect of God that we have is the transmuted symbol of the Heart.

Beauty of a Human Soul

The highest ideal of Art is to represent and reflect the beauty of the Human Soul, and this is symbolized by the Heart. The Human Psyche is symbolized as a woman, a Maidan, a very pure and beautiful virgin which the god envy and human desire.

The beauty of our Human Soul and the artistic representation of it is related to the function of the Heart - - it is only the heart organ that has the capacity to transform impure blood into pure blood. And it is for this reason that the Heart is considered to be the highest ideal of any spiritual work and initiation. The word beauty in the Hebrew language is Tiphereth; and this sphere, which is found on the Tree of Life, corresponds to the Human Soul and to the Heart.

Our Heart, our Human Soul is what gives us the real value of divine consciousness - - and this is the beauty which we want to develop and cultivate in our learning. So, the great work of Art, the highest ideal of any spiritual work of Art is to project all the divine qualities that the Human Soul (Heart) have come to represent. Art is a cultivation of the Human Soul.

The human soul is always represents as a woman, because she represents internal beauty.

Abstract beauty in itself is something that unfolds in the in Human Soul. This is what the “Cross” has come to teach us in a very profound way. Cultures that have held “beauty” as their highest ideal have created architecture, music, painting, philosophy, religion and many other forms of sciences, in order to cultivate and transplant this level of knowledge with all humanity.

Any student that aspires to understand beauty at the level of a Human Soul must learn to cultivate the principle of beauty in Art by listening to beautiful music, teachings that improve consciousness, visit places that have spiritual significance.


Our body reflects the influence of our parents, this is an inescapable truth. Everything that has form contains the physical attributes of its environment - - and in that way we can clearly see that the forces that surround us make a lasting impact on our psyche. It is for this reason we need to surround ourselves with beautiful art work, beautiful spiritual images - - things that inspire our Human Soul to remember its true nature.

Everything that we say and do creates something. It produces an effect. So, we create through our thoughts, through our feelings, and through our actions. We are a form of Art ourselves. But the real question is, “Who is creating in us?”

The process of creation is unfolding in every person from moment-to-moment. Art reflects the consciousness of the one who created it. Now it is impactful to recognize the type of Art created by this civilization and ancient civilizations. The difference is undeniable.

The Art of a Magi

The Art work of a magi is a magical work of spirit. A magi is someone who is a Priest internally, a Lama; one who has all the divine wisdom and knowledge of God. A magi obeys the laws of spirit and creation, the laws of Elohim. A magi develops his internal constitutions in order for Christ to dwell within them.

Art is not a conceptual theory when studied with the eye of Gnosis. Art is an actual methodology of a priesthood, a magi. The word magi is the root of “magic,” and it comes from the most ancient language tracked by modern science. It is a derived from European and Hindu languages, dating 5000 years. In that language mag means “priest.”

Alchemical Symbolism of the Nativity of Christ

Christ is a Cosmic symbol of the Absolute Solar Light that enters creation in order to eliminate the psychological sins of every man, individually. Let us take into account that every human being, every atom in the universe must live out the drama of Christification within itself. So the story of Christ must not be interpreted literally, for it is a representation of the path of initiation in Art form.

Bethlehem is an esoteric name. The village of Bethlehem did not exist in those times when the great Kabir Jesus came into the world physically, so Bethlehem is entirely symbolic. Bethlehem in Chaldean language is Belen, and its root signifies “tower of fire.” Bethlehem stems from Belen, a Chaldean term that corresponds to the tower of BEL, the tower of FIRE.

When any person, or any initiate works with the Sacred Fire (Christ), that initiate incarnates the fire in order to eliminate his “psychic aggregates”, meaning his animality. That is why Chris Jesus was said to born in a manger, an animal state; because the life of Jesus the Great Kabir represents what every human being must experience internally when they begin their spiritual work.

The descend of Christ into the heart of every person is a cosmic drama of internalized initiation. This drama brings about human events of immense transcendence or metamorphosis of the mind in each person.

Unfortunately, the mystery of Christ has not been understood; because the vessel of Art was misplaced in the gnostic work. People assumed that Jesus of Nazareth, the Great Kabir who came to this planet 2500 years ago was the FIRST AND ONLY CHRIST.

V.M. Samael stated: “Uselessly Christ in Bethlehem would have been born, if within our heart he not also born, uselessly he would have died and resurrected in the Holy Land if he does not die and resurrect within us again.”

Master Jesus stated: “And when he was demanded of the Pharasees (intellectual believers), when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neaither shall they say, Lo here! Or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”Luke 17 verse 21

The kingdom of God is born in us alchemically, and this birth is a process of alchemy symbolized by the representation of the three kings. V.M. Samael stated the presence of the three magi at the birth place of Christ is very significant, because this symbolizes the work of our Innermost who becomes a Bodhisattva, meaning someone who incarnates Wisdom and becomes a mirror of the cosmic consciousness lived in their light. That cosmic Light is referred to in different cultures by many different names; and in Gnosis we refer to it as Christ.

Christ is the uncreated cosmic fire of creation. Christ burns inside every living thing; inside every atom and inside every sun. This fire of Christ is pulled out by means of transmutation.

As long as the human being has not incarnated Christ in his sacred heart, that person does not possess eternal life. Only Christ can give us eternal life, but we first need to incarnate the intimate Christ in abundance.

So the entire symbolism that Art teaches us is associated with the alchemical and kabbalistic transformation of solar forces within us. It is written in the secret teachings that three magis (wise kings) who were guided by a Star, came to worship Christ. Notice it is stated they only came when he was born, not before - - so the intimate Christ must first be born in us alchemically. Not religiously or theoretically.

What is that star? And who are three magi? Master Samael states that the star of none other than the seal of Solomon, the six pointed start. “And I saw a other Angle ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: (the seal of Solomon) and he cried with a loud voice the four Angels (four karmic archivists that control the four points of earth with the law) to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.”Revelations 7 verse 2-3

The Six pointed start is a symbol of the Solar Logos. The upper triangle represents fire (Sulphur), and the lower triangle represents water (Mercury). That is why the Great Kabir Jesus stated in the teachings: “Jesus answered, ‘Truly, truly, I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water (mercury) and the Spirit (fire, Sulphur).” John 3 verse 5

When we place our consciousness, our Human Soul at the centre of all our spiritual work, we create in us a Temple of God. This is done through knowledge of science, philosophy and religion - - represented by Art symbolically.

The three magis then represent the colours of the great work. Black king represents, the black work of Saturn - - undergoing death, the death of desires, passion etc., in the Astra world. The White king emerges in us to represent the process of disintegrating all the “I’s” in the Astral world, this is symbolized by the white dove. And then lastly, the Yellow king, represents perfection of the work of initiation in the Astral world. This is represented by the eagle that appears and the right to use yellow colour tunic.

Finally, the crown of the work is made purple. This is the purple cape upon the shoulders of a king that the three kings carry as one triumphs internally. The three kings do not represent historical persons, as many people think, but spiritual colours of every Jesus Christ who lives within each person, within each one of us.

All of these processes have to be achieved psychologically within us. The great master must emerge from the very bottom of our soul, from our “interior magnesium”.

A magi is a master of all these aspects in us. Our Innermost unites everything into one, into the seed of a Human Soul.

Thus, it is for this reason we can observe that the Human Soul unfolds all the divine qualities of the Being, which is God. Art is given to remind the Human Soul about its true nature.

The Human Soul is a Spiritual Temple, where the inner God dwells as energy.

May Christ Consciousness Increase in you always.

(SoG: SA)

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