Understanding the Esoteric Death of Our Psychological "I"

“I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ

Jesus (Jew-Zeus) our Lord, I die daily.” – 1st Corinthians 15 verse 31


Let us study for ourselves what is “Mystical Death” that we need to achieve in order to awaken consciousness in the Absolute. The factor of death which we are going to describe here is not physical death; because from the perspective of spiritual existence, physical death is not more important than when we go to sleep at night.

In other words, physical death should always be seen as a very long trajectory of our internal experiences everyday. We die everyday! So, seen from a cosmic experience of consciousness, each time we go to sleep at night is exactly the same chain of reality we can observe during the course of our entire life. Physical death and physical sleeping are actually the same.

What we want to study today is something called “Psychological Death”; which is not physical, but a mystical doorway for us to enter a different level of consciousness, Here and Now.

Whereas physical death facilitates the change of our physical states (meaning the body uses the factor of sleeping to rejuvenate itself); psychological death is change of our psychological state of existence. Hence psychological death is far more impactful. The effects of our psychological death last beyond physical death.

“That which thou sowest is not quickened except it die.” - 1 Corinthians 15


In as much as there is a need to achieve a balance in life, so too in death there is need to maintain this cosmic balance of creative forces. Balance has to be understood to be the divine property of the Absolute. V.M. Samael teaches that karma is due to the fact of imbalance, and it is this imbalance that force us to enter into the field of life, creation and nature in order to restore the disharmony. Everything is born into creation in order to bring balance, repair, or fix what has been affected, harmed or unbalanced.

Death, in the psychological sense, is a cosmic factor used by divine law and the Being in order to restore interior balance inside our consciousness - - because in truth that which “dies” is merely our conditioned existence in Relativity and Duality.

When we yearn for balance and interior justice, and exercise that factor in the realm of Relativity and Duality, what we create is pain and suffering. In truth, as we stated, everything in life is yearning to restore balance and find inner justice, but since we do not know how to eliminate certain elements that cause the imbalance in the first place, we do not find any justice within ourselves, we do not find the Being in ourselves, but instead we create more imbalance and more injustice.


When we study our psychological constitutions, we find that all our mistaken functions in nature, creation and life come from the incorrect perception of the “I”. Our particular individual “I” is the root of all our psychological conditioning - - the “I” exists in Relativity and Duality. It is important to meditate upon this, because the “I” does not exist in the Absolute.

The “I” or ego, is a psychological outcome of Relativity and Duality. Thus, every “I” is Relative (belongs to time, vested interest, culture, education, experience, etc.) and it has Duality (like-dislike, past-future, accept-reject).

Study your own physicality, you will see the undeniable body of evidence that the entire physical organism is made by duality: (left and right brain, left and right eye, two openings of the nostrils, upper and lower lips, two hands, two legs, everything on the left side of the body is duplicated on the right side, our heart has two hemispheres, lungs, ovaries, testicles, etc.)

Thus, duality is how we experience life, nature and creation. In order to profoundly comprehend our defects, we need to study the “I” in Relativity and Duality, because this is where it exists. Nothing about the “I” is absolute; everything about the “I” is relative. The “I” has relative values, concepts, opinions, beliefs, fears, wants, etc. Hence, we can feel happy one moment and unhappy in another moment, because all the values of the “I” are relative.


Most people do not know the difference between the “I” and the Being. We mistake radiance for light. Because of this mistaken perception we create many mistakes, karma, pain and suffering. When we wake up in the morning the first garment, we wear is our particular “I”; when we go to sleep at night the last item, we wear to bed is the “I”. We live and sleep in the “I”. The “I” is a filthy rag we use to cover our spiritual NAKEDNESS.

It is taught in Buddhism that we have six realms or aspects of psychological existence. These six different types of psychological perception turn within us The Wheel of Life - - they range from heavenly states to devilish states. All of these states of existence are impermanent in nature, all of them come and go according to their conditioned existence.

"All collections end up running out. The high end up falling. Meeting ends in separation. Living ends in death." - Transmission of the Vinaya

1.) Gods (Sanskrit: Devas) - Suffering of Gods

[As strange as it may seem gods suffer because in the Wheel of Samsara nothing is permanent. This is stated in scripture that even the heavens where gods reside will pass away. So those who are born in that dimension still face the prospect of being born in the lower realms. Gods are not immortal, omniscient, all powerful. They are more powerful than us, they know more than us, they live longer than us, but not even those beings level of existence is permanent.]

The realms of gods, demi-gods and human are impermanent, and thus they belong in the Wheel of Samsara.

2.) Demi-gods (Sanskrit: Asura) - Suffering of Demi-Gods

[Beneath the realm of gods we find "demi-gods"; who are less powerful than the gods and as a result envy them. Demi-gods are those who acquire some degree of spiritual development, and yet envy to become more powerful, more rich, more happy, more famous. They always compete among each other, and this is why we always hear about war among the gods.]

3.) Humans (Sanskrit: Manuṣya) - Suffering of Humans

[Those who are human being also suffer since they are pulled between heaven and hell realms below. We all have vanity and desire pulling us one way or another. Thus, the more we awaken consciousness the more those forces pull on us, the more ego fights against us.]

4.) Animals (Sanskrit: Tiryagyoni) - Suffering of Animals

[Animals suffer because we treat them as slaves to do our bidding, without any real regard to their wellbeing. Animals are made to carry heavy burdens for longs periods of time with no relief. They feed on the poorest quality of food and have access only to the poorest quality of water. Animals live in cages their entire lives only to be eaten. They are beaten and abused; they are killed cruely.]

5.) Hungry ghosts (Sanskrit: Preta) - Suffering of Hungry Beings

[Those who exist at the level of Hungry Ghosts suffer even worse than animals. These type of beings have all the suffering of the animal but worse - - because not only does the Hungry Ghost have no peace and constantly under threat, but they are also consumed by a thirst and hunger that they cannot think of anything else. Such a being does not think of spiritual work, not even for a instant, they are completely controlled by a many craving and desires that overpowers them.]

“They say that woman is an enticement.

No, No, she is not so.

They say that money is an enticement.

No, No, it is not so.

They say that landed property is an enticement.

No, No, it is not so.

The real enticement is the insatiable appetite of the mind…!” - Hinduism: Allama Prabhu, Vacana 91

6.) Hells (Sanskrit: Naraka) - Suffering of those in Hell Realms

[Those who are born in the hell realms find themselves in the lowest state of existence because of ego. Hell is the realm of ego. When we simply believe in the illusion of ego, of continually trying to gratify the ego in as many ways as possible we build within us a hell structure. Hell is a realm caused by untransformed sensations physically and psychologically.]

Everything that exists on the Wheel of Samsara experiences some form of suffering.

The Wheel of Samsara - is a Wheel of fortune and misfortune.


What does the Monad need FROM YOU?

1)Once again, Jesus spoke to them in parables: 2)“The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. 3)He sent his servants to call those he had invited to the banquet, but they refused to come. 10)So the servants went out into the streets and gathered everyone they could find, both evil and good, and the wedding hall was filled with guests. 11)But when the king came in to see the guests, he spotted a man who was not dressed in WEDDING CLOTHES ("To Soma Psuchikon” ). 12)‘Friend,’ he asked, ‘how did you get in here without WEDDING CLOTHES?’ But the man was speechless. 13)Then the king told the servants, ‘Tie him hand and foot, and throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ 14)For many are called, but few are chosen.” - Matthew 22

Wedding Garments relate to internal bodies of pure light, called "To Soma Psuchikon”

The “Wedding garments” represent to us spiritual garments of the Being, or solar vessels, superior vehicles or internal bodies that the Being uses in order to manage creation, life and nature. These are called: “To Soma Psuchikon”, which means "the ikon of God” or “the Soul Image of God”. SO, "To Soma Psuchikon" is a form of vestment, or internal spiritual body (vehicle) that the Monad uses; it is a form of perception without the “I” (greed, anger, hate, lust, laziness, vanity, etc) - - "To Soma Psuchikon” is the Christ Mind that we must create in us.

We have to know that in order to create this internal body, the light of our Being, (which is trapped in the “I”, “Me”, “Myself” “Ego”) must first be liberated from these subjective elements. The “I” is nothing more than our subjective perception trapped in realms of subconsciousness.

“The one who dies is our conditioned existences, meaning psychological “I”. the one must die is not the Being. The Being does not die, because the Being is not born.” The Being is!


Relativity and Duality are the main conditioning factors in everything. We have to liberate ourselves from these factors, if we wish to end our continuous suffering. Relativity and Duality create the “more and less”, “better and worse”, “superior and inferior” psychological conditions of life.

These two factors create the divisions in the mind; so, as a result of these reason, human beings yearn for aspects which they consider best, more, better, and superior between the divisions of our mind in life.

Relativity and Duality condition the Consciousness

Those who are in the superior scale are considered gods, demi-gods, and better humans, who are ruled by pride, ambition and greed within the Wheel of Samsara. And those who are on the inferior scale are considered inferior (animals, lower beings and devils) they are ruled by pain, self-compassion, wars, envy, the yearning to obtain what others possess.

This aspect of having and wanting “more than…”―wanting to keep what we have―not having and wanting to have―is what bottles up the consciousness in Relativity and Duality. It is what creates the psychological “I” in us, our false sense of self. And because of this mistaken perception of who we are, many people think that by dissolving the “I”, they will cease to exist. We fail to comprehend that the “I” is not the Being, and that the Being is trapped, in the “I” because of the sleeping consciousness.

By having the “I” active in us, we deny the Being existence. The “I” steals all the virtues, values, or the divine qualities of the Being in order to convert them into vices, defects and defilements; which we have come to adopt as the “Myself”, “Me”.

Our ego "I" is a collection of defects, vices, and inhuman elements."

The “Myself” is an inverted quality of the Being. The “Myself” is a countified, a thief that comes o steal, kill and destroy reality in us. But we have to comprehend this “Myself” very profoundly in order to correct its mistaken function, because it exists in all 49 levels of our subconsciousness, unconsciousness, and infra-consciousness.


If we look around us, we can easily see the consequences that have been created by our “I” through its defects and selfish compulsions. We have created immense karma, injustice in all levels of life, and this has launched us into deeper levels of suffering and perpetual degeneration. Study agriculture as an example.

The work and activities on agricultural land has created wealth for only a few at the global expense of the many, when it ought to benefit everyone who lives on earth. Products of agriculture are used as political weapons and instrument of power to exploit people and keep them in perpetual states of unfortunate circumstances.

Greed is not a physical defect but a psychological inhuman element that we must dissolve inside of ourselves. Greed imposes the need for “more than…”. This psychological defect brings about an imbalance inside the psychological constitutions of the one who has it. Those who suffer from such a defect of greed yearn to balance themselves externally because they do not comprehend some form of lack internally. This how they mistakenly go about trying to restore interior balance with their ego. What these beings fail to comprehend is that it is the ego itself that brings about mistaken perception of reality and divinity.


We know that the entity of ego is created in us by the basic misperception of the Essence, or Soul, or Consciousness. So, by definition, ego is the mistaken perception of the psyche. Normally people think that the ego has conditioned the Consciousness, while in reality, it is not like that. Ego is the Consciousness or Essence functioning in life, creation and nature incorrectly.

The ego, our psychological “I” does not condition the Consciousness or Essence, simply because ego is a fraction of the Essence or Consciousness functioning incorrectly. In other words, ego is the Essence itself perceiving and using the values of God incorrectly.

Ego is not an entity that exist by itself; it is created by the us, we do it to ourselves; we are therefore responsible for creating every ego. We should not qualify ego by calling it names or judging it - - it does not help us to comprehend it if we separate ourselves from it. To judge the ego is to evade our responsibility.

It is the Essence that pays karma not the ego.


So, when we talk about death, we are really describing the change of our perception. To die the mystical death means:

  • We stop perceiving life and creation incorrectly.

  • We die psychologically when we displace the ego and its relative values.

  • We die psychologically when we start to develop the values of the Being in us (love, joy, peace, trust, mercy, temperance, chastity, etc.).

  • We die psychologically when we learn to express the spontaneous qualities of the awakened Consciousness; to see things as they are HERE, NOW, not according to the filters of like-dislike; past-future; accepting-rejecting.

When we dissolve the "I" we liberate the values of God bottled in the ego.
  • We die psychologically a mystical death, when we learn to separate the Consciousness from the subconscious, which is mind, our past and our memory.

  • When we achieve the Esoteric Death of our Psychological "I" we learn to express the pure value and virtues of the Being in their Absolute nature.

May Christ Consciousness Increase in You Always


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