How Water Can Store Information - (SCI-20)


I have heard from various authors and that water has memory. Certainly water has the ability to absorb things as it comes into contact with them. The following excerpt from “The Spiritual Purpose of Water” by Alick Bartholomew explains a little about the information storage ability of water.



When water is flowing as its nature dictates, energetically in spirals and vortices, its molecules organize themselves into the structure necessary for it to carry constructive information. These microclusters of vibrating dynamic energy centers are constantly receiving and transmuting energy from every contact the water body makes.

The vortical movement creates polymer liquid crystalline chains and the laminar structure that generates dynamic energy from the interaction of their plane surfaces against each other. These structures can be observed with a suitable microscope. The more powerful the vortical action, the greater the storage capacity of information (like adding “memory” to a computer). Thus, water put through Viktor Schaubergerâ implosion (powerfully vorticized) process can enhance the energy of organisms that imbibe it.

The clusters have the ability to store vibrational impressions or imprints. If these are beneficial, they may be able to restore healthy resonance in the human body. On the other hand, if they are the imprints of toxins or pollutants in the drinking water, they may be carriers of disharmony and disease.”

May Christ Consciousness increase in you always.


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