Do Not Become A Concept

The marvelous order of our Being teaches us something very profound in relation to the way in which we should understand the flow of life in its moment-to-moment. In our Being, which is Elohim, Modimo, there are "No Concepts" through which the life force of God flows. Life flows freely in its movement, it does not need a "Concept" to define or describe it.

Observe for a moment that “Meaning” and “Concepts” which we have attached to certain words, places, people, images, objects, etc; are truly the very foundation for our Suffering and Pleasure. “Meaning” creates a psychological platform for our psyche to experience suffering in one instance, and pleasure in another instance.

Look at what happens when someone says an unpleasant word to you in a language you do not understand, or references that you do not hold any meaning off. Nothing happens! Notice what happens when you enter a religious setting with images of deities and gods that you do not understand or worship. You do not experience any awe toward that image.

If I say "Voetsek!" to someone from Europe, or any place that language is not used, their mind will not be offended. Because the "meaning" does not exists in them. Suffering and pleasure are created by "meaning."

The mind of every person, induced by its own psychological values and ideas, creates "Meaning" and "Concepts" about something which it cannot experience. The mind does not experience divinity, because divinity is beyond perception of mind. Every concept we have is created by the sensory mind. This is how we experience God, through concepts of the mind, we cannot transcend our religious values, religious concepts, family tradition, society norms.

We do not even see that feelings are actually concepts of the mind. Examine yourself in relation to your feelings, and study the "Concepts" you have about life, money, love, sex, God, time, space, spiritual work etc, - - - you will see that all of these concepts have created a certain feeling in you.

"Concepts" actually jeopardize our spiritual liberation. Concepts create an alternative prison for the soul. Good and evil; right and wrong; moral and immoral; these are concepts that the sensory mind holds and promotes. The mind always wants others to follow its concepts of what is right and wrong.

A concept is a very powerful tool the mind uses to keep our soul trapped inside the Wheel of Suffering. Our concepts feel very real to us, they make us feel emotional experiences of pain and pleasure. And once a concept becomes an emotion, it is reality to us.

A thought can be abstract, but once a thought acquires an emotion, then it immediately become "real" to us. We need to abandon "Concepts" for objective reason to arise in us. "Concepts" and meaning are subjective; therefore, their very nature originates from the realm of unconsciousness. "Concepts" make us foolish with wisdom. Our "Concept" of God is really a conglomerate of psychological attachments and experiences we inherited throughout life.

The true value of life can only be determined by the Being, and the Being lives in a timeless moment - - - whereas, "Concepts" are rooted in time. The life of a flower holds the values of the Being living in the body of a flower; the life of an animal holds the values of the true Being living in the sheath of an animal; the life of a mineral holds the actual values of the true Being living in the state of an elemental.

In other words, it is not our education, family life, culture, religion, social upbringing, tradition, belief etc, that holds the value of life. It is our Being, Modimo. "Concepts" that we carry about Modimo, take us away from the actual true values of our Being, and the mind then creates alternative values controlled by the ego. It is for this precise reason our lives are not stable, and it is the reason why we experience so much suffering and pleasure, as momentary fluctuations of our own mind.

The values of our Being are constant and absolute, they do not fluctuate with circumstance, even though they may change in how the Being expresses them in different lifetimes. The mind invents many different "Concepts" about “good and evil”, so that it can replace the true plan and cosmic work of our Being. We live opposed to the real values of our Being, because we believe our concept of God is better than the reality of God.

Truly, to hold a "Concept" in yourself, is to live a false life. What is life? What is the actual value of life? No one knows. The actual value of life is the Being. What really matters is the value of the Being, Modimo, and their practical application in life.

When you say you love someone, are you expressing your concept of love or fulfilling the realization of God in you?

Gnosis itself can become a "Concept," if we do not know how to digest and transform the teachings psychologically so that our consciousness can consume them. When we receive gnostic teaching, it is obvious that we do so while many egos are still alive in us. We must therefore be careful to not make spiritual concepts become the gravity of our gnostic work - - - if we do, we will fail on the Path.

A "Concept," as V.M. Samael explains is a small psychological island where a certain ego lives alone, self-sufficient, and self-important. A concept is a false land that must be dissolved into the spiritual ocean of the vastness of Being.

Concepts separate us from the vastness of our Being.

People do not want to experience God, Modimo, in reality, they want to experience their "Concept" of God, in whatever shape they believe to be true and sacred to them. Whenever a spiritual emotion or any kind of feeling arise in you, emotions that create spiritual attachment or repulsion, you must investigate the "Concept" behind that emotion. By studying yourself in that manner, you will discover that an ego is always acting in the concept, and through the "Concept", our mind produces emotions and feelings.

We must also be aware that ‘experiences’ can also create "Concepts" - - - meaning, we make the experience supersede the cosmic values of our Being in the Absolute. Every experience takes place in the realm of Relativity and Duality. That means everything “good” is relatively “evil” according to the law of duality.

If we learn to approach our life experiences in that manner, we will not be stuck in concepts and meaning when the circumstance has passed. We will not use concepts and “personal meaning” to validate or exaggerate anything - - - instead, we will see life objectively with a consciousness that is devoid of attachment and craving.

May Christ Consciousness increase in you always.

(SoG: SA)

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