Sacred Sexuality

In order to experience Sacred Sexuality we must first develop Sacred Individuality.

There is nothing such as Sacred Sexuality as long as personality - ego and mind are active in us. We need to give up the idea about our ''self'' because it is the concept of ''myself'' that eventually suffers. It is the idea of 'Me'' that experiences pain and anguish; it is theories of ''I'' that want to survive and to be respected.

Personality, ego and mind do not produce anything sacred. We need to know how to make the personality - ego - mind passive in us if we wish to come to the realization of Sacred existence. It is only when we have achieved Sacred Individuality can we then experience Sacred Sexuality.

The level of sexual existence we all currently experience is based on sensual theories and sensual concepts given by someone else. It is something we read in a book or saw from a movie and now spend our whole lives trying to repeat it to its infinitude. This does not originate from our Being, the Monad, God inside of us. SO our sexual experiences are not engaged towards achieving the work of God - - we approach sexual consciousness with the personality, ego and animal mind still alive in us.

''Sacred Sexuality is experienced when once the consciousness is awake and active in us. This is when every movement truly belongs to the Being.''

There is a vibrational movement that we make with every thought, every feeling and every action. Whenever we are hateful, angry, anxious, vain, lustful, etc., our consciousness generates a frequency within our body, and it becomes a sexual code that regenerates with every cell. Meditation is a practice of learning to see reality without the influence of our personality, ego and mind. These three things must be made passive in us.

Sex is a Machinery of the SOUL

There are two things that each person brings into the world every time we are born in it.

1. Psychology

2. Esoteric Structure

(*) If we do not understand our Psychological make up and the Esoteric Structure of our inner God (Divinity) then we cannot develop or achieve Sacred Individuality - - and without Sacred Individuality, there can never be Sacred Sexuality.

(*) Understand that the world we live in only experiences sexuality that is driven by animal pain, animal desire and selfish-compulsions. These are all residues of personality, ego and basic mind.

(*) The human being cannot experience Sacred Sexuality if the Soul (Auric Embryo) has not developed Sacred Individuality. Our sexuality is determined by what we ''like'' and what we ''dislike'' - - this is the only thing the animal mind knows. DUALITY.

(*) Sacred Sexuality is not driven by dualistic view, ''like'' and ''dislike'' - - Sacred Sexuality originates as the Esoteric Work of our Being: divine Masculine in union with divine Feminine. When we are in Sacred Sexuality our every thought, feeling, speech and action come from the inner world of God.

''Sacred Sexuality only creates kindness, mercy, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, faithfulness, love, patience. These are elements of a true Human Being.''

The Esoteric Development can only come from our Being, our inner Lord, and inner Master. Psychological development is done by the soul while the Esoteric Structure is realized by the Being - - this is how Sacred Individuality is formed. The most confusing aspect of Scared Individuality is seen when we mistake the personality, ego and mind to be the Being. This is a terrible mistake!

Many people think they are the personality, thus they focus their entire existence towards fulfilling what the personality wants. The mind is the most difficult place where we all encounter the ego in all its hidden aspects. The devil of mind exists heavily within each person, and because of this, we are always in danger of falling into sin, lust, greed, hate, laziness, jealousy., etc.

All of our psychological imperfections are seen whenever we enter new relationships. The mins seeks for new adventures to beguile itself in sensual modes of life. However, it is only the Auric Embryo (Tathagatagarba: ''Buddha nature'') that confers Sacred Individuality upon us. The Auric Embryo (Human Soul) is directly connected to the Spirit of God in us.

This is how we manifest pure love - - by loving the Individualized Christic particle inside of us. This is the real meaning of Sacred Individuality. It is something beyond the individual personality, ego and mind. Hence we state that sex is the intimacy of Christ in each person. When we develop our soul to the point of Sacred Individuality, we encounter a permanent center in us - - a constant gravity of Love, Beauty and Compassion.

The real individual is beyond the personality, ego and mind. Sacred Individuality is the unfolding of particular Monad (Spirit / Ruach / El) into the essence. The Essence is the Son in whom the divine will of the Father is revealed. Our psychology belongs to the Essence and our Esoteric Structure is held by the Father.

When we see the Son (Phytologically) we will have seen the Father (Esoterically). The Son and the Father are one.

It is only the Son who can reveal the Father; for only the Son has seen the Father. We can greater Sacred Individuality when we view and understand that our psychology unfolds from the Esoteric Structure of our inner God; and this is the intimacy of Christ.

Christ is not a person, but a cosmic spiritual force known as the great perfection of Knowledge (Gnosis). In Christ Consciousness we come to the full realization of our particular Sacred Individuality that leads to a permanent Sacred Sexuality. Because Christ is Sex! ''For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.'' - 2nd Corinthians 11 verse 2.

Sacred Sexuality is the great perfection of Knowledge, knowledge that we are Christ hidden in the seed of our psychology, working towards Christification of the Divine Man in us - which is or Monad. To those with ears let them hear, what the Spirit saith.

May Christ Consciousness increase in you always.


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