Sex in Marriage

These words of alchemical wisdom are inspired and influenced by a beautiful letter written by Olivia P. Cabral advising a fellow brother on his wedding day.

*1. Sex is as sacred as a vapor of God's breath caressing our heart and soul with each gasp of air coming in and going out. Modimo {Elohim} is always present when you meet love through your spouse; because Modimo is Love {Lerato} and Light {Leseli} joint together in the temple of a heart that knows how to live in love.

*2. Something as delicate and sacred as a vow of sexual purity is easily broken in actions of animal compulsion, so do not fall into such states of psychological degeneration.

*3. To make love is like going to a Temple, Shrine, a Church in order to pray. God is waiting to become born in us through the sexual act made in his remembrance. [Elohim = God (Masculine) + Goddesses (Feminine)]

*4. Cupid, the Child of Cosmic Love stays forever with a couple who truly know to Love each other.

*5. Remember: God as Masculine is Wisdom, and God as Feminine is Love - - and Modimo is represented by your and your spouse in physical form. Thus, in the sexual act, both Wisdom and Love must be eternally present in your hearts.

*6. Each person is responsible for their own sexual conduct in the outer temple.

*7. Spilling the seed inside the woman is failing to receive the light of transmutation that was graciously given to you by God [Modimo] ka lerato. So, you must practice with patience and devotion as you work towards controlling the energy of your bodies everyday. (Practice makes perfect, and the Father of Love forgives his children who are truly repentant.)

*8. When you practice sexual transmutation with the sacred principles of alchemy as given by Elohim [Modimo], your love becomes magnetic. Your honeymoon will continue forever - - your attraction to each other will never faint - - and your devotion to God will never end.

*9. Stay always in the Temple of Love. Devote your mind and actions to God, who is within you. This is the true meaning of happiness and marriage.

*10. True lovers drink from the Well of God's eternal light; that is why their kindness and mercy never dries up.

Stay in the temple of Love everyday. Meet God in the eyes of your beloved.

May Christ Consciousness increase in you always.


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