Spiritual Sensationalism: "The Public Effect of Black Magic"

Dear friend,

I wish to talk to you about the dangers of spiritual sensationalism. In this day and age, we all find ourselves living under a very perverse psychological enchantment that dominates the interior of many people. Many people these days have lost their inner balance, many people seek for balance in some external source beside themselves. Religion flourishes in the unconscious use of sensations that are readily found inside the sleeping Essence of every person.

Everywhere we go we see people of all denominations and beliefs huddled together, inside their own ego, trying to perform or materialize sensations of a somewhat spiritual nature. In our teachings we talk a lot about the veil ego, but in truth, ego is simply the mistaken function of the Essence.

When the Essence becomes identified with a sensation of any kind natural to the mind, it becomes of the same form as that sensation. As a result, the Essence then suffers afflictions related to its ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion and the desire to cling to life. Sensations will become a breeding place for ignorance to prevail in us if we do not practice “desirelessness” towards the seen and the unseen.

Allow your inner God to use creative energy stored in the Essence to create a higher level of Being internally.

The lack of spiritual force has created lust, vanity, greed, laziness, etc., meaning we try to externalize what we lack internally. For example, what is lust? Lust is to use sexual energy for a materialistic goal; which manifests as sensual pleasure and orgasm. Sexual degeneration encompasses the origin of our human sin – thus to seek pleasurable spiritual sensationalism is the foundation of a sinful life.

Black magic is very strong in the psyche of many people. People want to have something in exchange for nothing. This is what spiritual sensationalism does to the human psyche. It provides us with overwhelming sensations and spiritual experiences that the soul is not prepared for, and because of this transgression, we then become depended on the object of our esoteric desires. In this sense, we become degenerated souls.

People usually attend “church” in order to experience some form of spiritual sensation - - - nowadays, we have social gatherings as a substitute. We want to feel as if we belong to someone or to something greater than ourselves - - - who we are internally is not enough. We have a spiritual lust for “new” ideas, “new” teachings, “new” practices, “new” dimensions, “new” gods, and “new” truths. These are all manifestation of psychological sensations.

Sensations are the materialism of the psyche. In Hebrew this form of wanting or grasping is called Nephesh (Instinctive soul). Nephesh is “Appetite” itself. We have the same Nephesh as in a animal. It is something that can never be satisfied. That is why we find so many spiritual teachers and leaders that cater to the spiritual sensations of our animal soul. We all promote this type of religious life, because internally we are still at the animal level in our psychological development.

This is what spiritual sensationalism does to the human psyche. It provides us with overwhelming sensations and spiritual experiences that the soul is not prepared for, and because of this transgression, we then become depended on the object of our esoteric desires.

It is easy for anyone to create a spiritual sensation in us. Because we crave it. We want to feel a sensation that “god” is inside of us. Emotions are a powerful sense of reality. In fact, a thought is only real when we feel emotional. This is why we do not think anger. We feel anger. And once we feel anger, then we become angry.

Emotions are the actual reality of life for everyman. Everything is real when once we feel it. However, feelings can be easily manipulated by force, words, perception and preconceived concepts.

Emotions are only as real as the concept they represent. Emotions and feelings are concepts of our thoughts, created by our thoughts. When we go to “church” or to a “spiritual gathering” we are actually craving a sensation that will match our concept of spiritual growth.

We prejudice ourselves by believing that our church is the “best” or “right church” simply because we feel the most intense spiritual sensations when we are there. But we do not see that a sensation is indeed a mechanical remnant of our Instinctive animal soul, Nephesh.

Our Nephesh (spiritual appetite) can only experience the animal aspect of our soul. So when we live in the Nephesh the only thing we do is create a spiritual personality, a mystical ego, an occult “I”. In the Nephesh, we convert our Divine Mother into a demon. This is what black magic is.

There is nowhere in society where black magic is not practiced by the mass. Any mob psychology infers a false sense of security upon the masses; because as you know, in the animal kingdom prey survives in herds, where there is safety in numbers.


Every sensation is a materialised illusion of our Being. It is an appearance of illusion that has crystalized the energy of the Being in the lowest form. So, when we pursue spiritual sensationalism, we truly trap and cage the energy of God, our Being in matter. We convert reality (limitless) into something untrue (limited). In other words, we limit our divinity to a particular person or circumstance or environment.

We feel that without the person in our life, circumstance or environment we cannot experience our own internal divine nature. Thus, we become identified and attached to a particular religious group, teaching, philosophy, individual person - - - making them our religion. We sensationalize something that is beyond our concept of it.

Sensation is black matter not white matter. When we worship God, we must worship him in spirit and truth. Have you noticed that when we burn something it usually turns black? That is what the sensation of a burning flame is to us, in the psychological sense. When we crave sensation after sensation we become burnt out! Tired! Worn out! Our psyche becomes black. We lose the inner authentic fire or the life-force that comes from our Being.

Spiritual sensationalism makes us chase after the illusion of a “materialized god”. It gives us a false hope that we will reach a divine plateau over the horizon; like a magical paradise where we will know everything and understand everything there is about our life and suffering. Demons are people who are hypnotised by their sensations. They do spiritual work to enhance sensations that make them feel certain divine impulse.

Here are three things we have to renounce daily, if we wish to avoid being trapped in the unfortunate loop of psychological black magic unknowingly:

(1) Personality, (2) Ego, (3) Mind

What this means is that we must renounce our false sense of self. To have self-compassion and to be self-sufficient is the work of our personality, ego and mind. We must study ourselves diligently every day, in order to eliminate the seed of black magic in us. We must study ourselves very well, and understand that we are not the name, personality, education, role, family, nationality, career, religion, marital status, upbringing, traditions, reputation, fashion, social sanding etc., these are faculties that spiritual sensationalism uses in order to exert the power of black magic upon the masses.

Understanding “Black Magic”

What is Magic? Magic in the sense of spiritual work is the use of energy to create a circumstance, physically, emotionally, spiritually. So, our thoughts, emotions, desires, actions and words can become a tool to express psychological states in us, with the view of influencing or changing an environment externally.

Our thoughts, emotions and desires affect others from moment to moment. In every instance, our energy field is penetrated by the energy field of others, because the nature of energy is interrelated and interdepended. Magic is the capacity of consciousness to influence the nature of another living being in a different kingdom: mineral, plant, animal and human.

When we understand the term “Magic” in this sense, it will be easy to see that with a negative thought towards someone we actually practice black magic. Black magic convolutes the harmony of nature in us. It seeks to control the free flow of life in someone else. When we seek to gratify our egotistic desire, which are rooted in the subconsciousness, at the expense of someone else, this is a form of black magic.

We gain control over people, usually the unsuspecting masses, by making them lose control of their inner faculties of wisdom and peace. Meaning, we keep them in darkness, they “burn-up” their light in order for the leader’s ego, concept, doctrine, personality to shine brighter.

Spiritual Sensationalism

When people are lost in spiritual sensations (religious drunkenness) their only objective is to feel holy. This is why it is impossible to practice black magic without words and thoughts. Thoughts and words are what condition the psyche to feel something “new.” Remember, sensation is just an unconscious force of our Being that lacks will power. This why by will-power we must learn to direct our sensations, not to be controlled by them.

Many people love to gather in spiritual places in order to practice different spiritual ceremonies that resemble what the unconscious religious ego believes, desires or want to achieve. Desire is always present in every manifestation of spiritual sensationalism. These desires will never go away until we comprehend them profoundly. Spiritual sensationalism happens when the ego tries to experience something that only the Human soul can. And so, because of this lack, ego then creates a false sense of spiritual work. Ego, personality, and mind lack spiritual truth, thus each one of them uses spiritual sensationalism (force) as reason.

When people are conditioned by spiritual sensations, they become fanatics and intolerant towards others. This is because ego manipulates their sensations in order to achieve what it wants - - - which is to control the human machine and feel self-important.

The best way to overcome adulteration of divine virtues into spiritual sensationalism, one must truly comprehend their own sensation of ego. Every virtue we have exist to accomplish spiritual objectives and to surmount obstacles on the path of liberation.

But we adulterate those forces when we endeavour in spiritual sensationalism. Ego is a force or virtue spoiled or inverted into sensationalism, or animal instinct.

When the force or (love of God) is not fully developed in us, we tend to seek for the sensation in other people or in spiritual places; and if the desire (sensation) is unmet, we convert that very same love into anger, hate, wrath, strife, etc,. It is for this reason we love to follow many ‘gurus’ and different teachers in hope that they will give us our spiritual home. We do this because we do not comprehend the spiritual ego itself.

SO the only way to extract the virtue trapped in ego is through comprehension.

Comprehension is a key to spiritual growth. When we do not comprehend something, we cannot relate to it consciously.

There are two ways of dealing with spiritual sensationalism when we feel it inside of ourselves:

1. Comprehend and transform the sensation

2. Sacrifice the desire [ego] for the goal.

Ego is a force or virtue spoiled or inverted into sensationalism, or animal instinct.

The first way targets sensation itself; and the second way targets the ego behind sensation. As soon as the sensation is comprehended and transformed, then the force inside the sensation is restored to its true divine value. Meaning, we are then capable of practicing spiritual work without ego or identification. We will intimately know the presence of our inner God without any need to be in a particular place or follow a prescribed teacher.

A person who does not comprehend their sensations will destroy the image of the inner God before himself and others. Sensations blind us to our true imagination. Sensations are three modes: Physical, Psychological and Spiritual.

Physical sensations can condition us psychologically; and this in turn will become the seed of a much deeper spiritual desires that makes us lose control. A sensation does not have a goal, but the spiritual ego behind it does. It is the spiritual ego that commits the injustice of using sensations to feel pride, a sense of belonging, or to feel powerful. In order to feel a powerful spiritual sensation someone else has to feel powerless, because sensations manifest in duality and relativity.

May Christ Consciousness increase in you always


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