The Difference Between Will and Desire

Will is not Desire

Will (Free will) is a VALUE or a QUALITY that originates from the Being, and its purpose is the serve the Being (Modimo).

Ego on the other hand is a manifestation of desire..., and the nature of desire is to gratify the Ego. We have mistaken Desire as the Will and because of this, we confuse Ego as the Being.

Many people think that the Ego is their Being, and because of this mistaken function, we modify or limit VALUES of the Being (kindness, mercy, trust, generosity, love, etc.) in order to gratify our subjective Ego.

Thus we mistake Desire for Will.

Desire is a Conditioned Will-power

Desire is something mechanical. In other words, Desire does not have free will. When you desire something your mind, emotion, and motor centers facilitate this process mechanically..., they work mechanically according to the ego which dominates that center.

But Will (Free will) does not act or respond mechanically to life. Will is able to choose without being conditioned by external or internal circumstance. (Our purpose and our highest goal is to do the Will of God, and we can only accomplish this if the will is free.)

Will is superior --- Desire is inferior.


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