The Light(ness) of Being

Trust you Being, the Buddha spoke internally. Trust your Being and follow your Being completely. Let us reflect on this statement from our previous blog: What is Being?

In Being there is no “right and wrong”; “good or evil”; “past and future” - - because Being can only Be, always present Now, Here. God is, here. God is, not there or somewhere else where your Being is not. God is where Being is.

Being is, what is, is Being - - so there can be no “right and wrong”.

In Being there is no need to grasp at anything outside or hold on to everything inside - - so there can be no “past or future” tense.

Being is not inside something or outside of, Being is just what is.

Only when we allow love to enter our hearts, can we know true liberation of Being.

To trust our Being is to LIVE LIFE FREE IN ITS MOMENT, through this great vehicle of perfection called Gnosis: ‘Self-knowledge.’

Gnosis, or ‘Self-knowledge’, is truly the great perfection of Being. Whenever we act in life [physically, psychologically, or spiritually] there are three kinds of actions we take in relation to our Being.

1. We can act according to the law of Recurrence

2. We can act according to law of accidents or Karma

3. We can act according to the Free will of our Being, this is called Epigenesis

Our Essence is the consciousness of our true Being, and thus it is clear, as Master Samael says, that the Essence in itself is a fraction of the Human Soul. Essence, Will, Consciousness, Motho, Human Soul - - should be understood to as describing the same aspect of Being with different titles.


When the Essence is bottled in ego, mind and personality, it is engulfed in the Lunar bodies or characteristics of devolving intelligences found in nature’s sphere. That is to say, when the Essence is identified with ego, mind and personality, it will act in a way that can only express the Lunar qualities or desire associated with the subconsciousness of ego, mind and personality.

The Essence can never create anything new as a consequence of its subjective views. The Essence can only repeat whatever impulses nature grants to it by different laws of destiny. Master Samael teaches that each time we act in the ego, we submit our Essence [our will] to the cosmic law of Recurrence. Thus, we only live as humanoids in the eternal Wheel of evolution and devolution called Recurrence or Samsara.

Epigenesis however, is the capacity of our Being to create new circumstances beyond the laws of Recurrence and Karma. This is to confirm the absolute truth that our Being is beyond all Karma.

To be able to create new circumstance is to truly understand what the Being is, and how the Essence is a spiritual manifestation, or aspect, of the cosmic Being. Master Samael says, it is obvious that only the authentic Human Being with conscious will can modify their destiny [Karma], and originate a new order of things and circumstances.

We cannot originate new states of consciousness as long as our will [Essence] or “botho ba rona” is trapped in ego, mind and personality. The Essence [Motho] is the consciousness of the Being [Modimo]; is the light of the Being [Modimo], and is the reality of the Being [Modimo].

So, wherever the Essene is, that is where our Being [Modimo] will be. We must look for God, our Being, we must only seek to understand ourselves authentically and very profoundly.

Karma appears and reappears without end. It is important to liberate our Being from the Wheel of Returns.

To liberate our will is the fundamental aspect of awakening consciousness - - it is the secret work of rescuing the Essence from ego, mind and personality. One cannot awaken consciousness if one does not liberate the Essence from ego, mind and personality.

When the will or Essence [Motho] is trapped inside the psychological cage of ego, mind and personality, Motho will only act according to the desires of ego - - the Motho will only function to serve concepts and theories generated by the mind.

When the will of our Being is out of our control it is obvious that it will subsequently function under the control of ego, mind and personality. In any case, the laws of Justice will then take over as Divine Law, and will cause us to mechanically obey the processes of destiny and Karma as a result of our actions. Meaning we will not be able to exercise Free will of the Being. [In nature creatures that do not have the will free and function according to the whims and Lunar cycles of nature are called 'animals', 'phoofolo'.]

The Light(ness) of Being

To have Free will means to obey the Being. Free will is not what we erroneously think in this day and age. Understand that the will is something that belongs to the Being. It is the light of the Being - - it is “The Light(ness) of Being.” Only the Being is capable of going. When the laws of Karma move to governs our psychological development, it means we have transgressed the divine will of God, our true Being.

So, it is therefore important for every student to understand what it means to trust the Being [Modimo / Unkulunkulu]; and how we should follow the precept of the Being [Modimo].

Dear friend, study yourself very closely, because the only way to know God, your Being, is if you meditate in the temple of the Holy Spirit every day. To know God is to now yourself as the Essence of God. Here! Now!

May Christ Consciousness increase in you always.


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