The Magic of Water


This excerpt, which has been taken from the book “Initiation into Hermetics” by Franz Bardon, reveal something very interesting about water. The excerpt tells us that water like all other liquids has a magnetic or attractive property, and it is this property that can be quite useful to a human being. The second excerpt shows us how we can make use of this magic magnetic property of water.

Excerpt 1 “Water plays one of the most important parts, not only in daily life, being absolutely indispensable for drinking, preparing food, washing, producing steam in factories, etc., but also in our magic development; the water element may prove to be a great factor. As we have already stated in the theoretical part, the watery element rules magnetism or the attractive force, and it is just this property that we shall utilize in the development of our faculties. All the books dealing with the animal magnetism, emanation of od and so on are acquainted with the fact that water can be magnetized or od-ized. But it is far less known how to enlarge this quality or use it in a different way. Not only water but every kind of liquid has the special property of attracting, and according to the contraction, holding fast, no matter whether good or bad influences be concerned. Therefore we may consider the watery element, especially the material kind of it, as an accumulator. The colder water is, the greater its accumulative capacity. With its full specific weight, namely at 39° F (4° C) above zero, it is most responsive. This notion is not so decisive, for the difference of receptivity of water (or other liquids) up to 43° F (6° C) above zero is so insignificant and so faintly visible that only a thoroughly trained magician can recognize these differences. If by increase of heat, water grows lukewarm, its receptivity is rapidly diminishing. Between 7-99° F (36-37° C) it becomes neutral to magnetism. Attention! Here, our only concern is with the specific properties of the attractive power and its practical value with respect to magnetism which results from the interaction of the elements as an undeniable matter of fact.”

Excerpt 2 “Now let us regard the magic of water from the practical side. Every time you are washing your hands, think intensely that by washing, not only do you wipe the dirt off your body, but also the uncleanliness from your soul. Think of failure, trouble, dissatisfaction, illness and the like being washed off and turned over to the water. If possible, wash yourself under the tap so that the dirty water can run off immediately, and at this moment think that your weaknesses are flowing off with the water. If you have nothing but a washbowl at your disposal, do not forget to throw away the used water immediately, so nobody else can contact it afterwards. You can also dip your hands into cold water for a little while, and concentrate on the magneto-astral attractive force drawing all weaknesses out of your body and your soul. Be firmly convinced that all failures are passing into the water. You will be surprised at the success of this exercise after a short time. This water also is to be thrown away at once. This exercise is extraordinarily effective if you can manage it in the summer while bathing in a river, when the whole body (except for the head, of course) is beneath the water.” Summary Water has a magnetic and attractive property that lends itself to magical use. Furthermore the attractive or magnetic property of water is greatest when water is at a temperature of 4°C. By thinking intensely of having our weaknesses and short comings drawn out of our body and psyche, while washing or bathing ourselves in cold water, we Franz Bardon says can help ourselves to clear our body and psyche (soul) from such weaknesses. I have tried it and it certainly does do something. That is probably why a cold shower or swim is so refreshing and vitalising.

May Christ Consciousness increase in you always.


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