Satan is time, matter, and karma inside every person. Satan is our absurd memory, confused wishes, a legion of dark sinister “I” seeking to satisfy personal desires, fears and pain―Satan is the coming and going of emotions and dis-ease related to the terrestrial mind.

That which lives in time, matter and karma is the work of Satanic consciousness. This simply means, ego is Satan in us, the “Pluralized I” is Satan in us, the “Me”, “Myself”, “Personality” inside every person is indeed a cult of Satan.

When our consciousness is identified with and conditioned by material mode of passion, then our consciousness becomes Satanic in nature, meaning materialistic. In order to purge those impure materialistic atoms of a lower nature within us we need to activate a higher law, a superior law that transcends nature. We need a sacred science to help us transform these vices into virtues―darkness into light―confusion into wisdom.


We must first understand that “Satan” is not a spiritual being or a demonic entity that exists outside one’s psychological chaos. “Satan” is a Hebraic term, a religious symbol given in order to better describe and explain to us what psychological chaos is, in relation to God, the perfect Being.

Also, when we speak about “matter,” we simply relate to psychological factors from where all material forms are molded into mechanical matrix of birth and death. Let us always remember that “Everyone is born in sin.” – Psalm 51 verse 5 "Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin (orgasm) did my mother conceive me."

We have Lunar protoplasmic bodies made by nature in order for us to exist as beasts (intellectual animals).

Let it be understood that we have Lunar protoplasmic bodies made by nature in order for us to exist as beasts (intellectual animals) in this physical world. These vehicles (protoplasmic bodies) work mechanically because of the bestial sexual orgasm that brings them into creation. But these bodies in essence are decomposition of solar creative energy, and because of their unbridled corruptibility, they eventually sink into the underworlds, called hell realms.

Any initiate on the path of self-realization and self-liberation will always confront their innate psychological chaos which is “Satan” if they wish to become something more than an intellectual animal (lunar protoplasmic body) with their consciousness. For it is this psychological chaos that our particular “I” or ego feed upon and receive their power. Jesus was tempted by his own psychological “I” or defects; so too was every master and Buddha that has ever lived.

Satan (the “I” and ego of every person) feed itself with the dust of our psychological chaos: anger, hate, greed, lust, laziness, fear, vanity, revenge, etc. Dust in other words is all of what we have within―defects―vices―errors, etc., those animalistic qualities that personify our impure life. Thus, to defeat Satan, we have to profoundly comprehend our innate psychological defilements and annihilate those atomic defects that keep us bound to this world.


Every psychological factor has a corresponding physical value through which it can be materialized in the matrix of creation, birth and death. Meaning every form of matter, represents a specific psychological factor. This is what the scientific equation (E=mc²) in quantum mechanics and special relativity reveals. Every psychology has its own corresponding event, circumstance, and relationship, meaning matter.

E - is energy (psychological factor) - - This can be Space, Spirit or Being.

m - is mass (physical value) - - This can be understood as matter, materiality or relativity.

c² - is the speed of light (frequency of consciousness) - - Everything in the universe is created by light and is an incarnation of light-particles (photons) that carry energy.

Every psychological factor (E) has an equivalent physical value (m) which can be modified when we apply a determined frequency of light or consciousness (c²) to it. In Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology V.M. Samael stated the following: “Light and consciousness are two phenomena of the same thing. To a lesser degree of consciousness, there corresponds lesser degree of light; to a greater degree of consciousness, a greater degree of light.” Light and consciousness are synonymous.

In order to experience true fundamental change in life, nature and creation we have to transform our psychological matter first. If we wish to crystalize divine qualities related to the Being-God, our Monad, Innermost, Modimo then we need to change the way in which energy is transformed inside our will, mind, emotion, action and word.


V.M. Samael stated something beautiful:

"Within their interior, the atoms carry that which the Hebrews call “igneous particles,” “Haishim האישים” or “the igneous souls.” These igneous souls are formidable. Without these igneous souls, atoms cannot process themselves within the living constitution of matter.

Therefore, in reality, no one truly knows the power, for instance, of a few grains of sand (dust of the earth). We can be sure that nobody knows the power that is enclosed there, or what it is capable of doing.

The Haishim האישים or the igneous souls are enclosed within each atom. The great magicians of the east know how to work with these Haishim האישים, igneous particles of the atoms. In any case, the atoms are impelled by these igneous particles, which are obviously suspected by modern scientists."

The serpent represent our sexual force. This serpent can be a tempting serpent of Adam-Eve; or a healing serpent, that Moses raised in order to heal the Israelites in the wilderness.

It was the sexual impulse of matter that allowed the un-manifested spirit or space (Absolute) to have materialized form. Matter makes it possible for spiritual movement to occur. Because in the Absolute Abstract Space there can be no movement; there is no spirit, no individuality, no-thing, non-existence, and no form.

In this way it becomes clear that “movement” is directly related to dimensions of time, and time is Satan. In the Absolute Abstract Space there is no direction and there is no dimension. The Absolute is zero dimension. Thus, the secret of Satan (matter) becomes the real mystery of Alchemy - - a mystery hidden from the profane and revealed only to initiates.

Alchemy is a sacred science of how we transform chaos (everything un-manifested in confusion) into order (everything manifested in knowledge)―poison into medicine―darkness into Light―the lead of personality into gold of Spirit.


V.M. Samael said a very profound mystery: “If the Logos surged (moved) from within the Unknowable Divine (Abstract Absolute Space), the Devil “satanic matter” gave Him liberty to do it.” This is because matter is determinator of new undulations.

(Everything exists in the Absolute only as divine potentiality. Thus, in order for that “potentiality” to be known [actualised] creation and matter is needed. Matter is a determinator of new undulations or forms.”)

When anything NEW has to be create spiritually, the psychological factor has to incarnate (descend) first into matter in order to reincarnate (ascend) as an awakened consciousness. Thus, the true esoteric purpose of matter is to facilitate spiritual ascension - - for without it, there is no real ascension or self-knowledge about the absolute. A Monad cannot be self-realised without knowing his own perfection in creation, nature and life.

"Satan leading chaotic matter (unrealized archetypes) out from the Absolute."

The following verse of Lord Krishna is an extraordinary explanation about incarnation and reincarnation:

“Oh, bharata! Every time that religion deteriorates and irreligion prevails, I [Krishan] incarnate anew to protect the good, destroy evil (ignorance) and establish religion, I incarnate in different times.” – Bhagavad-Gita 4 verse 7-8

Truthfully, no one can reincarnate without having dissolved the “I”, without descending into the lowest forms, and without comprehending the limits of matter. Undoubtedly so, no one can reincarnate without first possessing their sacred individuality. Reincarnation is therefore most demanding, and matter (earth) is the lowest manifestation that Spirit can incarnate itself into. In other words, matter is condensed Spirit, or convoluted Spirit.

Incarnation is therefore a very venerable word, signifying the re-embodiment of a divine archetype in the form of a person.

When we say matter is satanic, we simply acknowledge that matter is limited and spirit is unlimited. Satan is every aspect of ourselves that limits and interferes with the absolute values of God.

Every new manifestation of a divine archetype or repetition of a cosmic event calls into action the reincarnation of purified beings. The doctrine of the great Avatar Krishna teaches that only gods, demigods, divine sovereigns reincarnate. The rest of us do not reincarnate but simply “return”.

Egos incessantly “return” (become reborn in time) in the field of life in order to repeat their personal dramas, personal scenes and personal events. All this is memory. All this is Satan. Inside our ego, past and future are projected through passage of the present. Now we know that eternal “returns” and the Law of recurrence are intimately linked and work within us who have not achieved final liberation. Hence it is stated that no one can reincarnate without having dissolved the “I”.

“As lightning I beheld Satan “I” fall from heaven, splendid in strength and fury. Among the Elohim is none like unto Him, into whose hand are committed the kingdoms, the power and the glory of the worlds: Thrones and empires, the dynasties of kings, the fall of nations, the birth of churches, the triumphs of time. They arise and pass, they were and are not; the sea and the dust and the immense mystery of space devour them.” -- Anna Kingsford

May Christ Consciousness Increase in you always.


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