Thinker - Thought - Thinking

(The Three Hypnotic Enemies of God)

There are two ways of creating:

1. You can create in life or;

2. You can create in the Being.

V.M. Samael teaches that to create in life is to be in the conditioned field of cause and effect, in duality, in relativity, in culture, in memory - - it is to be in life as Thinker – Thought – and Thinking.

"There is nothing original in our Thinking process."

This however is completely different to when we create in the Being. The Being is beyond cause and effect, beyond time, memory, relativity, and duality. The purpose of awakening consciousness is to BE the Being.

"In the Being there is no Thinker - Thought - or Thinking. The Being only Knows. Knowing determines our Level of Being."

Being the Being is something beyond the Thinker – Thought – Thinking. The main reason why most of us do not progress in our spiritual growth of understanding the esoteric aspect of Being, is that WE BELIEVE OUR THOUGHTS. We believe we are the THINKER – THOUGHT AND THINKING.

Being is Knowing. In Being there is liberty. In Becoming we have understanding. So, our goal is to know the reality Being. Thinking takes us away from the Being. Memory makes us forget the Being, the same way that pain makes us reject the Being.

But in the esoteric teachings we are taught that everything that we have inside is not us - - it does not belong to us - - we are not the “Thinker” – “Thought” – and the “Thinking” process. We are CONSCIOUSNESS in Essence.

We, the CONSCIOUSNESS (Essence) has become identified with the inner psychological processes of the “Thinker” – the “Thinker’s Thoughts” – and the “Thinker’s Thinking” process. It is an important and fundamental thing to learn how to separate CONSCIOUSNESS from the Abyss of your inner psychological processes. Meaning, we need to develop the esoteric skill of disconnecting the Essence from the ego of our subconsciousness where the “Thinker” dwells.

"Thinking is mechanical function of nature. In order to liberate yourself from mechanical nature, one must dissolve all the inhuman elements connecting them to mechanical nature."

But in order to experience awakening of Consciousness at the subconscious level, we need to first comprehend that we, the CONSCIOUSNESS (or Essence), is not from the subconscious. Our CONSCIOUSNESS, Essence, does not belong in the realm of the Abyss. The Essence belongs to, and is derived from the Being. Consciousness is the Being in miniature. CONSCIOUSNESS carries all of the superlative values and divine qualities of the Being.

Thinking is a Samsaric repetition of memories, preferences, fears, like and dislike, past and future, rejection and acceptance, cause and effect, duality, relativity, etc., many factors that all come from our subconsciousness.

Gnosis is a spiritual work of dissolving the “subjective Thinker” – “subjective Thoughts” and “subjective Thinking”. The subconsciousness is nothing more than our indigested psychological impressions, from where images, fantasies, thoughts of the thinking, emotions of the thinker, feelings of the thinker come from. But all of those inner mental processes do not belong to us. It is not us. So, we do not have to believe the subjective “lies”, logic, opinion, fear, desires, of the “Thinker”.

The Being does not create in life as we assume to be the fact. The Being creates in the awakened CONSCIOUSNESS; meaning in Reality, beyond “Life and Death”. Hence, creation of the Being inside the CONSCIOUSNESS is eternal.

It is difficult for people to comprehend that CONSCIOUSNESS does not need to think. In the awakened state of CONSCIOUSNESS there is no psychological process of thinking; there is just Being. This means, to be in the correct state of CONSCIOUSNESS; and giving everything its right proportion from moment-to-moment.

"When we follow our thoughts, we the STEAL CREATIVE ENERGY of the Being and put it in the lower mechanical nature related to our subjective perceptions."

Thinking is a result of memory. Thinking does not create anything fundamentally new or pure. The “Thinker” can only repeat his subjective “like and dislike”; “fear and pleasure”; “past and future”, without every knowing the Reality of Being.

All of our “Thinking” and “Thoughts” come from the subconscious. And in the realm of the subconscious we find the “Thinker”.

May Christ Consciousness Increase in you Always.

(School of Gnosis: South Africa)

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