Understanding Our Trust in God [Modimo]

Trust is the most important aspect of our spiritual growth. “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to G-d must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarded of them that diligently seek him.” Hebrews 11 verse 6

Trust is the internal awareness that “God is your Being, and your Being is God.” If we truly understand this, then there is nowhere we can go or end up where Being is not.

Hafiz, described it beautifully when he wrote “This place where you are right now God circled on a map for you. Wherever your eyes and arms and heart can move against the earth and the sky, The Beloved has bowed there – Our Beloved has bowed there knowing you were coming. […]”

This is an interesting teaching about the esoteric quality of our Being [Modimo]. Conscious trust in God [Modimo] only occurs when the soul [Essence] is free from ego of fear to be where God [Modimo] is not. Only when the soul [Essence] is liberated from the subconsciousness of mind, ego and personality, can it perceive, see through the awake imagination, and feel intuitively Trust in the Being, which is God.

Master Samael teaches that wherever our attention is, that is where our soul [Essence] is, our consciousness is, our life is, and our Being is. Our Being is where we focus our attention. So, when we surrender our attention to the fear of ego, and to the fantasies of our subconsciousness, we fundamentally create an illusion, a psychological state of “hell”. In other words, we relegate God into dimentions of "hell".

We cannot trust God, but instead it is God expressing His trust in us.

It is therefore important to understand that when our imagination and will are conditioned in fear, we [as the Essence] cannot feel trust in our Being. When we are in fear, our Being is then surrounded by the fantasies of unconsciousness and we cannot escape our own deluded mind - - we cannot see anything objectively.

The soul cannot trust God, it cannot trust its own Being as long as it is identified with Image; Identity and Psychological values. Our self-Image, self-Identity, and Psychological Values of “I”, “Me”, “Myself”, “Personality” are entirely subjective points of reference.

Image, Identity and Value are very grave impediments for trusting God. Trust is actually a spiritual part of our Being. If we eliminate the ego, we will see that when we “feel” trust we are actually seeing the Trust of our Being deposited in us.

So, it is the Being who trust us to do His will - - meaning the Being [Modimo] is trusting through us. This is a marvelous way of understanding what it means to trust God.

Normally, we often think it is us who trust God, but in reality, it is God who gives us His trust, so that we can accomplish His divine will and esoteric plan. Everything originates from God. When we feel the sentiment of trust in us, this can serve as a sign that we understand the will of God with our lives - - it is an indication that we understand everything will be alright with us, regardless of any circumstance.

In order to trust God, our Being, we need to really make the mind, ego, and personality of the subconsciousness in us passive. Those who do not trust God often try to manipulate the outcome of circumstances.

There are three realities or aspects of trust: Physical process, Psychological process, and Esoteric process.

1. Physically

The trust in God within our physical reality is expressed through facts physically, meaning we must live and act in accordance to what it means to trust God. This implies that we should not allow the ego and personality to take control of our three brains. We must make trust God in a physical fact, by the way in which we act, in the way speak, in the way we behave.

In other words, we do not fall into mechanical imagination, we make our Being the center of gravity in everything we do physically.

2. Psychologically

We express our trust in God by separating the soul [Essence] from interference of mind, ego, and the subconsciousness. What this means is that every time we displace the ego, we trust the Being. It means we believe more in God rather than the ego of fear. Trust is a fundamental aspect of dissolving the fear of being sacred and self-compassion. We all know that ego always says: “If I do this what will happen to me.”

Ego always wants to control the future and to correct the past.

So, we must rescue our will from the hypnotic use of ego, this is done by learning to live naturally, to simply relax in the knowing more than the consequence. The need to control people and circumstance originates from fear - - from the fear that things may not turn out the way we desired them. This is a psychological process that we need to deeply understand at the moment when it arises.

3. Esoterically

The esoteric aspect of trust is accomplished by the Being [Modimo] inside of every person. Because it is quite obvious that in order for creation to exist Modimo [God] had to trust in Himself, in his own Word, the Verb of creation. Hence, we stated that trust actually belongs to Modimo, it is a spiritual quality of the Being. Having the correct relationship with our Being in the three realities is essential to the path of our inner self-realization.


Every action we take in the physical and psychological realities affect how our Being manifest Himself at the Esoteric level. So to trust God implies the following:

  • We must always remember the Being in us. God is our Being, our Being is God.

  • We exercise trust by physically and psychologically reflecting it in our reality.

  • We must contrast the fear of ego and the spiritual qualities of God, so that we can use our imagination and will in the correct way.

  • We educate the soul [Essence] by showing it that it can never be separated from the Being.

In this process we use both will and imagination to liberate and awaken the soul [Essence], thus, we will be able to TRUST God. When we TRUST God, we become the same Being as Him. This is what it really means for us to TRUST our Being. To understand TRUST.

May Christ Consciousness increase in you always.


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