What is KARMA?

Most people who suffer are only concerned with the bitterness of their own suffering, and because their limited view of life, they cannot see beyond their relative circumstances. Karma itself is a mechanical law that signifies Cause and Effect, or action and consequence.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” – Galatians 6 verse 7

But what people most do not understand about Karma (Action and Consequence) is that Karma does not work outside of mechanical energy. Karma governs everything that lives mechanically.

Nature and creation are such factors where Karma seeks out compensation for every action take.

If you want to escape karma, one then has to STOP living life mechanically, one would have to STOP thinking mechanically, one would have to STOP speaking mechanically, one would have to STOP praying and meditating mechanically.

Everything that we do mechanically is submitted to its Mechanistic Law.

The human body is a sophisticated mechanical machine. It works mechanically (hunger, sleep, breathing, hormonal growth of organs, women cycles, etc.,) all these impulsive activities are controlled by Lunar energy forces related to the Moon.

The human body is not as we can easily see, what a Human Being is. A Human Being is something different. We can say in synthesis the word HuMan relates to: Hu (spirit) + Man (derived from Sanskrit “manas” meaning mind); and Being means Reality, something unchangeable, God. Thus, a Human Being is “a spiritual mind that works or governs the nature of Reality.”

A Human Being is not anything we find in the three-dimensional world, four-dimensional, fifth-dimensional or even sixth-dimensional. A human Being is someone who know how to direct the energy of Being, a Cosmo-Creator. A Human Being is someone who has engendered or crystalized all levels of Being into one super atom. That atom is called Christ. The Cosmic Man, Limitless Light.

Therefore, whenever we live in accordance to mechanical nature and mechanical time, we are not expressing what a true Human Being is psychologically. We are living under Karma. Karma is a mechanical law of nature that controls every species of nature that lives mechanically (minerals, plants, animals), and since we are still intellectual animals, our mind, emotions, actions and speech are 100% under the control of Karma, including our will.

In order to escape Karma, it is absolutely fundamental to liberate our will, mind, emotions, actions and speech from relating to life mechanically.

It then become obvious that Karma does not create anything, but seeks to balance the scale of Cause and Effect. Karma is a factor that controls and governs mechanical energy, and the four kingdoms found in nature (Mineral kingdom, Plant kingdom, Animal kingdom, Humanoid kingdom) are under the rule of Karmic Law.

May Christ Consciousness Increase in you always and in all ways.

(School of Gnosis: South Africa)

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