Retreat Code of Conduct 


*) This Page contains Code of Conduct which you will be asked to follow as an attendee of the Gnostic Retreat 2022, sponsored by School of Gnosis: South Africa (SoG: SA). Please read attentively, and if you need any further clarity please contact the school here.

*) Please fill out the application form and verify that your contact information is correct and then click submit button.

Goal of the Retreat

*) This retreat will serve an essential part of your spiritual path, it is therefore important to prepare yourself psychologically for the work ahead with good intentions.

Serving (Self-catering)

*) When you are asked to serve please understand that it is way of eradicating mental impurities within the fabric of our consciousness. Everyone will be be given the opportunity to serve because the villas are all self-catering units.

*) Serving provides an opportunity to express gratitude by helping others as they learn the Gnostic Teachings. 

*) In selfless serving others we serve ourselves, and also dissolve the habit of egotism.

*) The Villars are self-catering units, so we expect every attendee to maintain their living area in a clean state.

Code of Conduct Discipline

*) All participants at the retreat will be asked to follow rules in the Code of Conduct Discipline for Meditation which will be given to them at the retreat. In certain instances, however, relaxation of the Codes of Conduct will be permitted wherever necessary.   

Basic Aspects of the Spiritual Practice in Gnosis

1) Relaxation of body and mind.

2) Self-remembrance

3) Enter the third state of Consciousness: Objective Reasoning

Code of Discipline 

*) In order to develop consciousness we need to build a very strong foundation of ethics in us. Attendees will be expected to follow the precepts of abstaining from all harmful actions, both internally and externally. 

Having a Teachable Spirit 

*) Guidance will be given during the retreat to all attendees, but everyone will need to observe their own internal development very scrupulously. The work is not about following a particular ideology of any personality; however,  instructors are there to facilitate the proper running of the retreat in a suitable way for the benefit of every person participating.

*) The spirit of cooperation and congeniality is asked to pervade the retreat atmosphere. (Insisting on working independently against the direction of the instructor will cause confusion, duplication of effort and a waste of time.) 

*) Attendees are encouraged to bring any grievance they may have to the instructor at anytime during the retreat, so that grievances can be addressed openly and with humility. The welfare of all students will always be an essential part of the retreat.  

About Meditation Sessions 

*) Part of the goal of the retreat is to help every student to learn the clear distinction between Essence and mind (meaning subconsciousness and ego). Meditation will be aimed at developing comprehension of the subjective process of the ego, so that the Essence can be liberated from these identifications. 

Instructor's Code of Conduct

*) Those who are new to the Gnostic teachings will always be given preference for accommodation and food. Instructors should take food once every student at the Retreat has been served.  

*) Instructors should always act in a way that benefits the psychological and spiritual development of students and attendees.

*) Instructors are also on the path of development, so  the same methodology of self-analysis and comprehension applies to them too.


*) Let us remember that the aim of the retreat is to achieve a spiritual goal, whether it is internal information of a psychological or esoteric nature. We are all working at different levels of development, so the virtues of patience and kindness are indispensable! 

May all students and attendees have a productive experience in Self-knowledge!

- School of Gnosis: South Africa (SoG: SA)