School of Gnosis: South Africa

What is the Center About?

School of Gnosis: South Africa (SoG:SA) is a non-profit company dedicated to preserving esoteric teachings given to humanity by purified souls such Master Yeshua, V. M. Samael and many others who succeeded in crystalizing the Cosmic Christ. The purpose of the school is to not only to share these spiritual doctrines and their salient practices, but to also provide a nonsexist, nonracial leaning environment where individual souls who seek the truth of knowledge can discover that Final Reality of Being in a very profound and direct way.  

What Do We Do?

We share diverse spiritual teachings guided by our meditation practices, with the aim of elevating the wisdom of Modimo in our consciousness. (''And I (Cosmic Christ), if I be lifted up from the earth (psychologically), will draw all men (undeveloped archetypes in your physicality) unto me.'' - John 12 verse 32.)

Through Gnosis we can transform knowledge received internally into consciousness; and consciousness of what we know will serve as a true foundation of our Being. Every person's Level of Being is elevated whenever latent qualities (or spiritual values) of their Being are reawakened inside the soul from moment to moment; instant to instant.


It is for this reason [we] consider ourselves labourers together with our Being [Modimo, Monad, Innermost] on this esoteric path of self-perfection through knowledge of the Absolute. This is stated in the secret teachings: (''For we (as batho, abantu) are labourers together with God (Modimo, uNkulunkulu our individual Monad and Innermost): ye are God's husbandry, ye are God's building.'' - 1 Corinthians 3 verse 9.) 

The mystery of awakening consciousness is elucidated in scripture in the following manner: (''My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge (Gnosis): because thou hast rejected knowledge (Gnosis), I (Modimo, Jehovah Elohim) will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me; seeing thou has forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.'' - Hosea 4 verse 6.)  

How Do We Study Gnosis?

The teachings are given by an qualified Instructor who has studied and practiced for many years under different spiritual traditions and mentors since 2003. As part of our educational infrastructure, we have developed lectures and programs that ensure every student is supported in his or her individual study. Our lectures are give in physical locations or online through study groups - - - self-study is also available via audio recordings, published manuals, work-books and online spiritual support.

School of Gnosis: South Africa Promotes the Christification of Man.

About Our Classes

Gnostic Classes

Our lectures are given in a group class that meets every other Saturday, and the teachings are offered  according to the individual's level of spiritual work. Guided meditation are offered before every class, and we welcome all who wish to join us.

Group Meetings

Retreats and Seminars

Every year the school hosts spiritual retreats and seminars in order to help facilitate and advance the work of students in their personal life. To learn more about our upcoming 2021 Retreat, click on the ''Find out more'' link below.

Gnostic Retreat 2022

Couple Meditating
Meditation: Couples Training

We offer different meditation classes that suit every individual's level of spiritual practice. There are different techniques given to humanity that help to harness the power of breath, light and energy in order to heal our inner bodies with the five elements of Christ.

Sacred Mindfulness Exercises

Generosity is our Cosmic Common  
Principle of Compassion.

Charity (or generosity) is the first perfection of wisdom because the bonds of attachment reifying concepts of ''mine'', ''me'', ''other'' and ''object'' are loosened when making a gift. Your financial contributions directly impacts our ability to share Gnostic teachings with all living beings as a devotion to Modimo. This is what venerated souls such as Buddha Shakyamuni and the Master Buddha Yeshua (Jew-Zeus, Jesus, Iesus) taught. 

''Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.'' - 3rd John 1 verse 2
Hands Holding Beads

If we learn to generously share our recourses and time out of compassion and mental clarity with others, in turn, our soul will be freed from many karmic attachments to materialism and carnal passion. In our effort to work for peace as we share these teachings with all living beings so that they too can be liberated from suffering, we first have to make compassion perfect in ourselves; and this starts with generosity

CHRIST, who is not a person, but the ageless solar force sustaining every incarnated universe and all its beings; known in many cultures by different names, Rammoloki, Krishna, Chenrezig etc...; is the epitome of unconditional sacrifice and everlasting generosity. CHRIST gives of himself as the fire of LIFE in order for existence to come into being.

Why Does the School Ask for Financial Donations?

Our Gnostic school is run and maintained entirely by individuals who volunteer their time and offer financial resources  so that people can access the teachings freely.  Expenses for maintaining the center are met by financial resources from students who, having completed a course and experienced the benefits of  Gnostic teachings, wish to give others the same opportunity.