When people love Art only in its expressed physical form, more that what the work of Art is tying to show them, which in our study we always say is the Essence [Soul], then people will one day degenerate their work of Art into pain and grief.  

Art is truly a spiritual expression of our Human Soul. Therefore, Art in it's true sense does not perish, it continues on forever, - - because Art is the energy of consciousness deeply embedded in the inward parts of our Human Soul; whereas, the form in which Art takes, will one day cease to exist in time. 


The Essence, which is a vapor of a Human Soul [Motho, Umuntu] does not perish. If we can learn to perceive every work of Art as a psychological extension of the Human Soul [Motho], then through our own internal faculties [spiritual qualities that are always connected to the Being [Modimo]], we will understand that Art is not what we feel and touch in the physical plane, but it is an internal acquaintance, a mirror, through which the reality of Being is reflected upon in many forms of life

"Make your life a Work of Art." - Master Samael Aun Weor.


Art can help us can change the way in which we view ourselves - - and if we can  change the way in which we view ourselves, we can then also change many things about our internal states of consciousness. Art is the energy of God expressed in every person. This energy is a form of intrinsic Knowledge pulsating in every living thing. Inside every person, and inside every living thing, there is what we call the Essence, a Soul or Consciousness - - this is where we find true meaning in the dialog of Art. 

"To love the Form of Art more than the Essence of Art,

is to one day lose the pure Form of Art."


Students who are on the Gnostic Path, those who which to advance their spiritual work, need to know that the inner God communicates His divine secrets with the Essence through symbolic language of Art, in order to elevate the consciousness of Being.

Gnostic students should therefore always have their Creative Comprehension greatly developed in all spheres of life, so that they can experience secret worlds esoterically described in the language of Art.


It is with humility that I wish to share with you some interesting Articles about Art, written by a fellow Gnostic Aspirant, which I hope will be helpful to your spiritual work on this path of self-remembrance; in this cosmic drama of Christification that we are a part of, from moment-to-moment.


Dear pilgrim, please remember that spiritual work is not possible if we do not understand the meaning of images, words, sounds, places, characters, parables, tales, hymns, poems, language, dance ..., because everything we encounter on the spiritual path, is a form of Art created for the Essence its relationship with the DIVINE.

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Art Lessons in Week Six 

Art, in its purest esoteric essential form, transcribes the hidden aspect of Gnosis (self-knowledge).

The true function of any work of Art is to help the Essence (seed of consciousness) develop intuitive comprehension about its superior Level of Being, which is Modimo, uNkulunkulu.

Therefore, Art is intended to reflect superlative values and qualities of the Being, Modimo, in a mystical language of the spheres - - - all these values are latent within the Essence, hence the Essence is called a seed of consciousness.

In reality, Art synthesizes the path of esoteric knowledge implanted inside the Essence (Motho). So that as the seed of motho unfolds, growing deeper and higher in the garden of life, even from the most insignificant movements of prayer, music and work, that she, the Essence, may always remember its true Being (God The Father), its holy lover (Innermost), the original ancestor (uNkulunkulu), the Great Great One (Modimo).